Submitting a Ticket through ZenDesk: The HCA Digital Operations Online Help Desk

By: Hannah Brown

How to Submit a Ticket on ZenDesk

The Digital Marketing Operations Team is excited to introduce Zendesk. Zendesk is an online help desk that allows HCA practices and marketing teams to easily submit any update requests or questions regarding their online listings, Binary Fountain or general reputation management to HCA’s Digital Marketing Operations Team. After a user submits a ticket, a member of the team will follow up regarding the request within 24 hours.

Going forward, we ask that you use this online help desk to:

  • Claim or update online profiles for your hospital, service lines, practice or physicians.
  • Inquire about responding to a review
  • Report a duplicate online profile for removal
  • Contest or hide an online review
  • Make updates to Binary Fountain
  • Provide general feedback to our team
  • ….and much, much more. When in doubt, fill it out!

Here is how to submit a request through Zendesk:

  1. Go to Please note: You do not need to log in.
  2. Click Submit a Ticket.
  3. Select the type of request you are submitting: Online Business Listings, Binary Fountain, Reviews or Miscellaneous.
  4. Select a sub-category for your request under the request options.
    zen desk 3
  5. Complete a request form, detailing all relevant information. The following fields are required and must be completed in order to submit a request:
    1. Your name
    2. Your email
    3. Your division
    4. Your location name
    5. A detailed description of the issue

After submitting a request, a member of our dedicated team will follow up with you within 24 hours and continue to provide regular updates on the progress of your request via email. Multiple team members are available to assist with your requests or filter them to the correct people. Additionally, users also have access to a library of digital marketing toolkits to reference at their convenience.

With your help, we look forward to providing a faster, more transparent and more structured support system to better serve you. If you have any questions, please contact


Google’s Online Appointment Request Feature: What You Need to Know

By: Kelly Bodell


Did you know that for certain practices, patients can now begin the appointment scheduling process right after searching your practice on Google?

Healthgrades unrolled the Online Appointment Request (OAR) call to action on Google last month for Patient Direct Connect affiliated practices.

What this means is if your practice is signed up for Healthgrades’ Patient Direct Connect or the Elective Provider Program through a hospital affiliation, when a patient Googles your practice, there will be a “Book an appointment” section at the bottom of your practice’s Google My Business listing on the right-hand side of the window. This OAR feature is also available on mobile devices.


The drop down appointment scheduling boxes allow a patient to select the doctor they want to see, mark whether they are a new or existing patient and indicate whether the appointment is for them or if they are making the appointment for someone else. Once a patient has selected the required information, they continue the booking by clicking “Continue booking” and are directed to the Healthgrades website to finalize the appointment request.

Here are the top 5 things you should know about the Online Appointment Request feature:

  1. This is a free, added service if your practice is already a Patient Direct Connect or Elective Provider Program client through an HCA hospital affiliation. If you are not affiliated with a hospital that is currently enrolled in the sponsorship programs, this feature is not available for you at this time. If you have any questions about Healthgrades’ Patient Direct Connect or Elective Provider programs, please contact Kelly Bodell.
  2. In order for the OAR to appear on Google, the Healthgrades and Google listings have to have the same address. If the addresses do not align, the OAR feature will not appear for a practice. If a Healthgrades and/or Google listing address is incorrect, please contact Hannah Brown.
  3. If the physicians listed in the “Choose your doctor” drop down are incorrect, or there are missing physicians, please contact Kelly Bodell.
  4. This feature only requests appointments for new patients. If the patient is an existing patient, they will be directed to the Healthgrades profile of the physician they selected and will receive an alert that directs them to schedule with that physician by calling the practice phone number.
  5. You can receive metrics from this feature and track patient engagement. The analytics from the scheduler are added to the OAR metrics report that a practice receives if they are affiliated with a hospital currently enrolled in the Healthgrades sponsorship programs.

If you have any questions about the Healthgrades Online Appointment Request, please contact Kelly Bodell on the Online Marketing Team.

3 Things to Know about the Healthgrades Free Text Review Feature

By: Morrow Heard

Healthgrades recently added free text reviews to their patient satisfaction surveys to keep up with the rise in consumerism throughout the healthcare industry. The driving belief is that the new review feature will add to the meaningful information that helps patients choose the right physician using Healthgrades as a tool. Below are three key things to note about the new free text feature:

  1. Healthgrades reads every review that is posted to the site

Once a patient submits a patient satisfaction survey, Healthgrades screens each submission to verify it complies with their stated policies and that the review isn’t spam.

If a review makes it through the screening process and you still believe that it was falsified or spam, you can contact Healthgrades at

  1. You cannot respond to Healthgrades Reviews

Healthgrades does not allow for physician or practice responses to text reviews, unlike other review sites such as Vitals or Yelp. Although you do not have the ability to respond to specific reviews, you do have the ability to post a general response to all reviews on your Healthgrades profile page.

To post a general response; login to your Healthgrades profile. Click on the “Your Voice” option, on the left hand side of the screen.

HG profile manager

Then, select the Response to Patient Satisfaction Surveys option in the Your Voice Section.

hg voice

hg response

  1. You cannot hide or delete reviews, but you can “flag” them

Unlike Vitals, you cannot hide Healthgrades reviews. However, you can “flag” the post, making a request for Healthgrades to review the post. You must first login to your profile, and then flag the review. The Healthgrades team will review your flagged comment within 2 Business Days.

How to Contest a Review

By: Jael Teme

There are four types of online reviews—the positive ones, the negative ones, the neutral ones and the ones that don’t belong on your review page.

Ensure your review page accurately reflects your facility and providers by contesting the reviews that need to be removed from the page.

Types of Reviews You Should Contest

  1. Reviews about a different practice/physician1PNG
  2. Reviews about someone who no longer works at your practice
  1. Reviews that blame the physician for an extraordinary medical issue or issues out of their control

For example, a review blaming a physician for missing a cancer diagnosis that two other physicians also missed could be a contestable review.

  1. Reviews that are off-topic, spam or advertising

Your credibility might suffer if your page has many off-topic or spam reviews. Here’s an example of an off-topic review:

    5. Reviews that contain hateful, violent or inappropriate content

How to Contest a Review­­

Google My Business

Go to your Google My Business page, scroll down to the review you would like to contest and click the flag at the bottom of the review.


Select the reason you are contesting the review. Click Submit.


Go to your Google My Business page, scroll down to the review you would like to contest and click the flag at the bottom of the review.


Select the reason you are flagging the review. You will also see a text box where you can explain in detail why the review should be removed.



To contest a review on Vitals, email Include the name of the physician, a link to his/her vitals profile, and the date (and a screenshot, if possible) of the contested review(s). Explain why you want to contest the review. Vitals will respond via email with its decision.


Go to and log in to your account. Select your location and Preview Location. Scroll down until you see your practice’s Tips. Identify the Tip you wish to contest and hold your mouse near the bottom-left corner until you see the word Report appear. Click “Report.”  A menu will appear. Select the reason you are reporting the review.

If you need help contesting a review or are not sure if you should contest it, don’t hesitate to reach out to the reputation management team.

3 Things You Need to Know About Managing a Healthgrades Profile

By: Emily Williams


Healthgrades is the leading online resource for comprehensive information about physicians and hospitals. It provides ratings and profiles for hospitals, nursing homes, nurse practitioners and physicians. In fact, more than 1 million online physician profiles exist!

There are three important things that you need to know about managing a Healthgrades profile:

  1. 20 million visitors per month.

Healthgrades estimates that they have 20,000,000 visitors each month that use their site to find a provider. And they aren’t just looking! More than half of those visitors make an appointment within a week. That’s 10,000,000 appointments per month!

  1. Physician specialties matter.

Healthgrades recently expanded its search capabilities to allow patients to search for specific conditions, procedures and specialties. This means that when you claim a physician’s listing, you need to make sure you list as many specialties, conditions and procedures as possible that pertain to your practice and physicians. This increases the likelihood that your provider’s name will appear in search results. Words like “physician” and “medicine” are not enough! Be specific!

  1. No comments. Just star ratings.

When a patient leaves a review of a physician, they are not able to leave a comment about the physician. Instead, the reviewer will be asked to complete a survey in order to rank the provider with an appropriate star ranking. The survey includes information about the practice and the physician. The average rating will be show beside the physician’s photo:

patient satisfaction rating

Users can click on the physicians star rating to view the results of the surveys:

healthgrades star reviews and survey

When managing the Healthgrades pages for your physicians, remember that the pages will get a lot of traffic, need to be as specific as possible and will show a star ranking that encompasses both the physician and the practice!

An Introduction to Reputation Management

By: Keiana Hastings

Over the past several years, our practices and hospitals have worked diligently to create and maintain an online presence through sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Vitals, Healthgrades, Angie’s List, Facebook and more. Having a presence online allows for effective two-way communication between patients and our facilities. In fact, many patients are using these review sites! Just look at these staggering stats:

Review Site Stats

Source: 2013 Local Consumer Review Survey; Pew Research Center
How Your Patients Are Using Online Reviews Industry View; 2013 Software Advice

Having these profiles created a need for reputation management.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management (RM) is the practice of identifying and addressing what customers (patients) are saying about your facility online. Tracking these online comments and reviews allows us to better serve our patients by hearing their concerns, improving internal operations and addressing any issues that arise.

Over the past couple of years, we have created a designated Reputation Management team that helps hospitals and practices manage the feedback from patients on their online profiles.

How does HCA’s Reputation Management Team help my facility?

The Reputation Management Team helps hospitals and practices monitor and manage the comments and reviews that are left online by current and prospective patients. In order to assist with the tracking of these comments, the Reputation Management Team recently introduced a reputation management software that helps practice managers and hospital marketing directors keep a close eye on what is being said online about their facility. The program monitors online reviews sites and sends notifications when a new review has been posted. As of September 30, three divisions have been fully implemented. The rest will be implemented over the course of the next six months.

Who is on the Reputation Management Team?

In addition to managing the reputation management software used in your division, our RM Team is available to you any time you need assistance responding to reviews and keeping online conversations constructive.

Elizabeth Wuellner, the reputation management team lead, works closely with team members Grant Peterre, Keiana Hastings, Morrow Heard and Hannah Brown to serve as account managers, manage your online listings and supply you with promotional materials for gaining reviews.

If you have any questions about reputation management, the software roll-out, specific review sites or more, don’t hesitate to reach out to this team.

Steps for Onboarding a New Physician Online

Do you know how to update your online profiles and website when a new physician joins your practice? If you have made the effort to keep your online profiles updated with the correct practice and physician information, it is important to continue your hard work by noting this addition. Follow the steps below to properly onboard your new physician online:


Submit a service cart request to add your physician to your practice website.

Google My Business

Search for your new physician on Google My Business to locate their profile.

  • If your physician has a Google My Business profile, there are 3 possible scenarios:
    1. If the profile has one or more negative reviews that require a response, you will need to claim the listing under your practice Gmail in order to respond (To do this, please refer to the Google My Business Toolkit).
    2.  If the profile lists incorrect information (location, phone number, etc.), you will need to edit the profile without claiming it (To do this, please refer to the Duplicate Profiles Toolkit).
    3. If the profile has no reviews and all the information listed is correct, do not claim or edit the profile. Save the URL for your records and check it monthly for new reviews.
  • If your physician does not have a Google My Business profile, do not create one.


Search for your new physician on Yelp to locate their profile.

  • If your physician has a Yelp profile, report it as a duplicate of your business profile (To do this, please refer to the Duplicate Profiles Toolkit).
  • If your physician does not have a Yelp profile, do not create one.


Search for your new physician on Foursquare to locate their profile.

  • If your physician has a Foursquare profile, report it as a duplicate of your business profile (To do this, please refer to the Duplicate Profiles Toolkit).
  • If your physician does not have a Foursquare profile, do not create one.

Angie’s List

Log into you Angie’s List account and search for your new physician to locate their profile.

  • If your physician has an Angie’s List profile, click Contact Us at the top. Fill in the required information and explain that the business has closed. For Category, select Removing business from Angie’s List from the drop-down options.
  • If your physician does not have an Angie’s List profile, do not create one.


Search for your new physician on Healthgrades to locate their profile.

  • If your physician has a Healthgrades profile, follow the steps to claim it (To do this, please refer to the Healthgrades Toolkit).
  • If your physician doesn’t have a Healthgrades profile, email from your Practice Gmail to add your provider to Healthgrades. Make sure to include their NPI# and DOB in the email body for verification purposes.


Search for your new physician on Vitals to locate their profile.

  • If your physician has a Vitals profile, follow the steps to claim it (To do this, please refer to the Vitals Toolkit).
  • If your physician doesn’t have a Vitals profile, email from your Practice Gmail to add your provider to Vitals. Make sure to include their NPI# and DOB in the email body for verification purposes.

Remember to check all of your online profiles at least once a month to make updates and monitor new reviews. It is important to update your online presence every time something changes at your practice to keep your patients accurately informed.