The New PMP: 5 Things You Need to Know

By: Kelly Bodell


We’ve heard you, and we’re making a change!

Promote My Practice has an exciting update – the Marketing and Digital Services team will now be centrally managing all online profiles, which includes updates for existing profiles and claiming requests for new practices, providers or locations. While Promote My Practice is our Physician Services Group online marketing brand and encompasses many services – including resources on online marketing and social media Best Practices, toolkits, newsletters, blog posts, etc. – our Online Marketing Training Program was a significant offering within that brand.

With the announcement of our listings management implementation, we have received a lot of questions about the Promote My Practice program and where it stands. The program itself is still active, and our team will continue to assist with questions and best practices in regard to online listing and social media sites. The biggest change to the program is the retirement of the Course 100, 200 and 300 offerings.

5 Things You Need to Know:

  1. Practices will no longer enroll in a five-week course to learn how to claim listings – all basic online profiles will now be centrally claimed and managed.
  2. New practices or new Practice Managers will no longer participate in a structured Promote My Practice course to receive training on claiming/updating listings, since all listings will be managed centrally.
    • We will be launching a new 1-hour Healthstream Training Session this summer specifically for new practices/new managers to learn how our team is managing online profiles and the new process for submitting updates. Stay tuned for more updates on this online course.
  3. All passwords to existing online profiles have been updated with new credentials and will be maintained by one source, eliminating any Practice Manager transition or login issues.
  4. Yext – a listings management vendor – will also continuously monitor and update any additional profiles that are created on online listing websites (including other 3rd party websites, such as Yahoo, not covered in PMP).
  5. Course 200 – our Facebook course – has been paused this year due to leadership prioritization of centralized listings management. If you are interested in managing a Facebook page for your practice or taking action on an unclaimed page that exists for your practice, we will assist with page setup and share training materials, Best Practices and resources to those administering the page.

 How Do I Make Updates to My Listings?

  • All Claiming Requests: If there is a Google My Business, Yelp, Vitals, Healthgrades, Foursquare or Angie’s List profile that needs to be claimed, contact Kelly Bodell.
  • All Profile Update Requests: If any of the above listings need to be updated, please contact Hannah Brown. These two account managers will help with any of your online listing needs and questions.

Our team will continue to update this blog with helpful news, tips and recommendations for promoting your practice’s online presence. The helpful articles in this blog will be summarized in our PSG Social Media and Online Marketing Updates email, which will now be sent quarterly. If you would like to be added to the email list, please contact Emily Williams.

If you have any additional questions about Promote My Practice and how we support PSG, please reach out to Amanda Short.

Beating the Yelp Review Filter

By: Hannah Brown

yelp review filter

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Recommended Reviews feature on Yelp. People regularly complain when a positive review gets filtered out on their listing, but have less to say when a negative review gets filtered into the “not currently recommended” section on a Yelp listing. Ideally, while Yelp’s rating software has been built to stop spam from competitors or one-time negative reviewers, it can also prevent good businesses from turning good service into good reviews. With 88% of all people trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations the question remains: How do you beat the Yelp filter to show legitimate reviews on your business’s Yelp listing?

Check out these 5 tips:

  1. Understand the review filter and its general purpose, which is to filter out fake/one-time member reviews. Check out Yelp’s video on how it works to learn more.
  2. Learn what makes for a filtered Yelp review. Yelp takes a look at a variety of criteria to help them distinguish between a legitimate or fake review. Yelp will most likely filter a review if:
    1. It is from a one-time reviewer
    2. It is from a reviewer without an established profile (photo, additional info, etc.)
    3. It is strongly slanted positively and negatively
    4. It is short, without many details
    5. It is from a location far from where the business is located
  3. Interact with the reviewer. Adding the reviewer as a friend, sending the reviewer a message, responding to the review and voting the review as “Useful” or “Funny” are interactions that can aid in the review being legitimized by the Yelp software.
  4. Encourage your customers to be active on Yelp. Customers with better reputations on Yelp (leave a lot of reviews, have a complete profile, etc.) are less likely to have their reviews filtered.
  5. Focus on getting reviews, not whether they go through the filter. There are many legitimate ways to improve your business reviews on Yelp. The more positive reviews you have on Yelp, filtered or unfiltered, the better off you will be as a whole.

Remember, 33% of negative reviews turn positive, so whether or not the reviews on your listing have been filtered, every review left is an important opportunity for you to engage with a current or future customer.

More Information:
Yelp Help: Why Are My Reviews Not Recommended By Yelp?

4 Tips to Enhance Your Yelp for Business Owners Page

By: Jael Teme

Note: If you are a hospital, contact our team to update your information in Yelp. 

With a monthly average of 89 million unique visitors, Yelp is one of the most popular online review sites.


Here are four ways you can enhance your practice’s Yelp page:

  1. Optimize your profile. Ensure your listing is helpful to prospective patients seeking more information about your practice by keeping all of your information, including your hours of operation, website, address and phone number, up to date. The “Business information” section is also a great place for business owners to share information about the business with users.
  1. Respond to reviews. Engaging with patients online shows that your practice is listening to feedback and willing to make improvements. When it is appropriate to address a patient’s concerns, you have the option to either respond publicly or privately. All responses should be HIPAA-compliant and follow the best practices set forth by the Corporate Affairs Reputation Management Team. If you are unsure if you should respond to a review, contact your reputation management account manager.To respond to a review with a public comment, you can click on the “Add Public Comment” button located below the review or you can click “Send Private Message.”

public comment

  1. Upload photos and video. Many patients find comfort in knowing what to expect when they visit your office for the first time. Adding photos to your page is a great way to achieve this.  A photo of your office building not only makes your listing more visually interesting, but can also help new patients find your location for the first time.

photos and videos

  1. Ask patients for reviews. The best way to improve your online reputation is simply by asking patients to leave reviews. According to a survey by BrightLocal, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. When a patient writes a review, they are helping potential patients with their research. For more information regarding promotional material and best practices for acquiring reviews, contact your division’s reputation management account manager.

How to Contest a Review

By: Jael Teme

There are four types of online reviews—the positive ones, the negative ones, the neutral ones and the ones that don’t belong on your review page.

Ensure your review page accurately reflects your facility and providers by contesting the reviews that need to be removed from the page.

Types of Reviews You Should Contest

  1. Reviews about a different practice/physician1PNG
  2. Reviews about someone who no longer works at your practice
  1. Reviews that blame the physician for an extraordinary medical issue or issues out of their control

For example, a review blaming a physician for missing a cancer diagnosis that two other physicians also missed could be a contestable review.

  1. Reviews that are off-topic, spam or advertising

Your credibility might suffer if your page has many off-topic or spam reviews. Here’s an example of an off-topic review:

    5. Reviews that contain hateful, violent or inappropriate content

How to Contest a Review­­

Google My Business

Go to your Google My Business page, scroll down to the review you would like to contest and click the flag at the bottom of the review.


Select the reason you are contesting the review. Click Submit.


Go to your Google My Business page, scroll down to the review you would like to contest and click the flag at the bottom of the review.


Select the reason you are flagging the review. You will also see a text box where you can explain in detail why the review should be removed.



To contest a review on Vitals, email Include the name of the physician, a link to his/her vitals profile, and the date (and a screenshot, if possible) of the contested review(s). Explain why you want to contest the review. Vitals will respond via email with its decision.


Go to and log in to your account. Select your location and Preview Location. Scroll down until you see your practice’s Tips. Identify the Tip you wish to contest and hold your mouse near the bottom-left corner until you see the word Report appear. Click “Report.”  A menu will appear. Select the reason you are reporting the review.

If you need help contesting a review or are not sure if you should contest it, don’t hesitate to reach out to the reputation management team.

5 Reasons to Download the Yelp for Business Owners App

By: Kelly Bodell

In today’s world, mobile ease and accessibility run the show. You can order pizza by simply tweeting an emoji, you can store boarding passes on your phone and now Yelp is making it easier for business owners to access their profile information and data on their mobile devices.

The Yelp for Business Owners app is a great tool for practice managers and administrators, and here are five reasons why:

  1. Summarized Page Statistics: The app provides 30 days of user views and customer lead analytics that pulls from website and app traffic. This information will help you determine which days your page is accessed the most. For example, you may see an increase in views and leads on Tuesdays, which in turn would be good days to amp up your SEM campaign or to post on your Facebook account.


Click anywhere in the User Views or Customer Leads box on the Activity page to view your page’s 30-day stats.

  1. Easy Access to the Activity Feed: In the Activity Feed, you can get an overview of the activity on your Yelp account to see if and when users are clicking through to your website, looking for directions or searching for a phone number. This section will tell you where users are interacting with your business page, helping you better understand the information patients are looking for the most.


The Activity Feed is at the bottom of the Activity page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the full feed, and click More Events when you want to delve even further into page interactions.

  1. Quickly Respond to Messages and Reviews: Regardless of whether you enable push notifications, the app makes it easier than ever to respond to reviews and reply to messages. This helps the user respond in a timely manner, without letting questions and comments slip through the cracks.


To read your messages, you can either click on the Messages link on the Activity page, or you can click on the app menu (the three stacked lines in the top left) and navigate to Messages from there.Reason4_2

In order to respond to a message, click anywhere in the user’s message box and it will take you to a page with the single review and a response text box at the bottom. Simply type your reply in the response box and click Send.


To navigate to your reviews, you can either go through the Reviews link on the Activity page, or you can click the app menu (the three stacked lines in the top left) and click on the Reviews link.


Scroll up and down to read through the reviews, and if you need to respond to a review, click anywhere in the user’s review box. Type the response and remember to turn your reply either on or off depending upon if you want your reply to be public. If your reply is public, other Yelp users can see it. If it is private, only the reviewer you are responding to can see it.

  1. To Upload Photos: The app makes it easier to upload photos to your clinic page directly from your phone. This is helpful if you need to populate your page with images and when you need to add an image while on the go.

To access and add photos, click on the app menu (the three stacked lines in the top left) and click Photos to navigate to the page. The photos page should house all the photos you have uploaded to your Yelp for Business Owners account. To upload additional photos, click on Add Photo or the plus sign icon in the top right corner. The app will ask you for access to your photos and camera, so be sure to click OK when it asks for access.


  1. Text Alerts: You can turn on text alerts, also called push notifications, to instantly be notified if your clinic’s business page receives any messages or reviews. These alerts help you stay on top of any questions current and potential patients may have. These allow you to also monitor reviews easily, which is especially helpful if the review is negative and needs to be addressed quickly.


To sign up for push notifications, click the app menu (the three stacked lines in the top left), click on Preferences and then click the Enable notifications button.

To download the app and learn more, visit

Yelp Adds More Healthcare Data with ProPublica Partnership

By: Keiana Hastings

propublica partners with yelp

When it comes to choosing a restaurant for date night or the best place to buy flowers, Yelp has long been America’s go-to. When it comes to choosing a doctor, not as much. Yelp is hoping to change that.

In 2004, Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons founded Yelp.  When Stoppelman had become ill and couldn’t find useful information about doctors online, he realized that the best way to find a doctor was by word-of-mouth. Yelp was born. Yelp is now going back to its roots.  On August 5 Yelp announced a partnership with ProPublica, an independent, non-profit investigative journalism outlet, to provide consumers with a deeper look into the healthcare realm.

The partnership will combine data from Medicare surveys, ProPublica’s own research and Yelp reviews. With this new data, consumers will have access to a plethora of health-care data in one convenient location. The new site will showcase emergency room wait times in hospitals, fines paid by nursing homes and readmission to dialysis centers due to treatment related-infections, among other things. Yelp executives are aiming to provide consumers with information that would otherwise be kept in hard-to-find government PDFs.

Choosing the right doctor or nursing home is a critical decision for most people, as they are essentially putting their lives into the doctor’s hands. It’s a wonder that only six percent of businesses reviewed on Yelp are in the healthcare category. With this new information, this number is expected to grow.  According to ProPublica, doctors earn a lower proportion of five-star reviews than other health professionals. Many times this is caused by long wait times, but too often, doctors are labeled as “rude” or “uncaring,” two terms that most wouldn’t want associated with their potential healthcare provider.

With this new information addition, Yelp is hoping to take the guess work out of choosing the right doctor by providing patients with more insight. Patients do look at online reviews and are more likely to believe other patients’ reviews than print media. This reiterates the importance of maintaining a positive image online and providing good customer service.

Using Yelp On-the-Go

Google My Business isn’t the only review site creating an app for busy business owners. With the new Yelp for Business Owners app, users can respond to reviews, check analytics and connect with customers even when they’re out of the office or away from a computer.

Browse through our guide and check out some of the helpful features the Yelp app provides. Then, download the app to create a 24/7 connection with your customers.

Once logged into the app, business owners have the ability to access and manage all business listings in one place. Clicking on the list icon in the top left corner of the home screen reveals all listings claimed under a Yelp for Business Owners account. This menu also showcases the “Preferences” settings, allowing users to enable push notifications to receive alerts when customers leave reviews.

yelp image 1

The app’s home screen gives users access to view insights, such as page views and customer leads (how many customers took action after looking at your profile).

yelp homepage

Users can also access reviews through the home screen, and respond to individual reviews instantly.

yelp 1

Strengthening online relationships with consumers has been proven to increase sales and boost branding efforts. Apps like this give you the ability to manage your online presence anytime and anywhere, making it easier to build strong relationships. Take advantage of social media monitoring apps by downloading Yelp for Business Owners and the Google My Business app.