The New PMP: 5 Things You Need to Know

By: Kelly Bodell


We’ve heard you, and we’re making a change!

Promote My Practice has an exciting update – the Marketing and Digital Services team will now be centrally managing all online profiles, which includes updates for existing profiles and claiming requests for new practices, providers or locations. While Promote My Practice is our Physician Services Group online marketing brand and encompasses many services – including resources on online marketing and social media Best Practices, toolkits, newsletters, blog posts, etc. – our Online Marketing Training Program was a significant offering within that brand.

With the announcement of our listings management implementation, we have received a lot of questions about the Promote My Practice program and where it stands. The program itself is still active, and our team will continue to assist with questions and best practices in regard to online listing and social media sites. The biggest change to the program is the retirement of the Course 100, 200 and 300 offerings.

5 Things You Need to Know:

  1. Practices will no longer enroll in a five-week course to learn how to claim listings – all basic online profiles will now be centrally claimed and managed.
  2. New practices or new Practice Managers will no longer participate in a structured Promote My Practice course to receive training on claiming/updating listings, since all listings will be managed centrally.
    • We will be launching a new 1-hour Healthstream Training Session this summer specifically for new practices/new managers to learn how our team is managing online profiles and the new process for submitting updates. Stay tuned for more updates on this online course.
  3. All passwords to existing online profiles have been updated with new credentials and will be maintained by one source, eliminating any Practice Manager transition or login issues.
  4. Yext – a listings management vendor – will also continuously monitor and update any additional profiles that are created on online listing websites (including other 3rd party websites, such as Yahoo, not covered in PMP).
  5. Course 200 – our Facebook course – has been paused this year due to leadership prioritization of centralized listings management. If you are interested in managing a Facebook page for your practice or taking action on an unclaimed page that exists for your practice, we will assist with page setup and share training materials, Best Practices and resources to those administering the page.

 How Do I Make Updates to My Listings?

  • All Claiming Requests: If there is a Google My Business, Yelp, Vitals, Healthgrades, Foursquare or Angie’s List profile that needs to be claimed, contact Kelly Bodell.
  • All Profile Update Requests: If any of the above listings need to be updated, please contact Hannah Brown. These two account managers will help with any of your online listing needs and questions.

Our team will continue to update this blog with helpful news, tips and recommendations for promoting your practice’s online presence. The helpful articles in this blog will be summarized in our PSG Social Media and Online Marketing Updates email, which will now be sent quarterly. If you would like to be added to the email list, please contact Emily Williams.

If you have any additional questions about Promote My Practice and how we support PSG, please reach out to Amanda Short.

Vitals Database Upgrades: What Does This Mean for Users?

By: Grant Peterre

vitals is in the process of a complete upgrade of their database. While this update will not affect the way patients and viewers can interact with physician profiles and leave reviews, practice managers and doctors may encounter difficulties with editing their information.

In the past, we have written about several processes and tips for getting the most out of your Vitals profiles. Users are still able to contest a review for removal and hide up to two negative reviews during this period of upgrades. Physicians are also able to edit their basic profile information, such as:

  • Name
  • Photo
  • Medical Specialty
  • Hospital Affiliation
  • Education
  • Expertise
  • Languages
  • Research Interests
  • Personal Statement

However, any data that lies outside of the bulleted list above, such as the practice’s address, is currently unable to be edited. A contact from Vitals Customer Care issued the following statement regarding the upgrade process:

“During this upgrade process there may be some sections of the doctor profiles that will remain un-editable even by us. We understand that this may be frustrating to all users of our service but we ask that you understand, when the upgrades are complete we will not only have a more current, complete and accurate database but one that will be capable of more dynamic updates from a greater scope of authoritative sources and more stability in retaining accurate details through the automated processes that govern them.”

Currently, there is no timeline as to when this upgrade will be completed. Your Reputation Management account manager will be able to assist you with any individual needs associated with your Vitals accounts.

How to Contest a Review

By: Jael Teme

There are four types of online reviews—the positive ones, the negative ones, the neutral ones and the ones that don’t belong on your review page.

Ensure your review page accurately reflects your facility and providers by contesting the reviews that need to be removed from the page.

Types of Reviews You Should Contest

  1. Reviews about a different practice/physician1PNG
  2. Reviews about someone who no longer works at your practice
  1. Reviews that blame the physician for an extraordinary medical issue or issues out of their control

For example, a review blaming a physician for missing a cancer diagnosis that two other physicians also missed could be a contestable review.

  1. Reviews that are off-topic, spam or advertising

Your credibility might suffer if your page has many off-topic or spam reviews. Here’s an example of an off-topic review:

    5. Reviews that contain hateful, violent or inappropriate content

How to Contest a Review­­

Google My Business

Go to your Google My Business page, scroll down to the review you would like to contest and click the flag at the bottom of the review.


Select the reason you are contesting the review. Click Submit.


Go to your Google My Business page, scroll down to the review you would like to contest and click the flag at the bottom of the review.


Select the reason you are flagging the review. You will also see a text box where you can explain in detail why the review should be removed.



To contest a review on Vitals, email Include the name of the physician, a link to his/her vitals profile, and the date (and a screenshot, if possible) of the contested review(s). Explain why you want to contest the review. Vitals will respond via email with its decision.


Go to and log in to your account. Select your location and Preview Location. Scroll down until you see your practice’s Tips. Identify the Tip you wish to contest and hold your mouse near the bottom-left corner until you see the word Report appear. Click “Report.”  A menu will appear. Select the reason you are reporting the review.

If you need help contesting a review or are not sure if you should contest it, don’t hesitate to reach out to the reputation management team.

How to Hide Negative Reviews on Vitals

By: Hannah Brown is the top doctor directory on the Internet with more than 4.35 million monthly visitors; a number that is consistently rising. In addition to serving as a directory of doctors, Vitals allows patients to post reviews about their experiences with one or more physicians. In most cases on physician review sites, if a patient leaves a negative review, they are the only ones who can remove it. Vitals, however, is the exception!

Vitals allows the owner of a profile to hide 2 negative reviews!

If there are more than 2 negative reviews on the profile, the profile owner (the doctor or someone working on behalf of the doctor) can choose which 2 negative reviews to hide. Best practices suggest that if the negative reviews span a significant period of time, it is best to hide the most recent negative reviews and leave historical negative reviews showing. You should hide the 2 most recent negative reviews, unless there are others that you find especially compromising.

It is important to check the physician profile monthly to monitor for new negative reviews to hide. You are actually able to unhide a previously hidden negative review in order to hide a new one, as long as only two are hidden at any point in time. Checking your reviews monthly is the most effective way to manage negative reviews on Vitals profiles.

To hide a negative review, you must be logged into your Vitals account. Once signed in, select edit profile. Locate the review you wish to hide, and click the HIDE button. To show a review you have previously hidden, select SHOW.

vitals, how to hide reviews

Need help responding to negative comments? Want assistance with your Vitals profiles? Contact our Reputation Management and Social Media Team with any questions.

Vitals Transitions to Five-Star Rating Scale

In a recent update, Vitals began implementing a new five-star rating system across its database of over 1 million doctor, dentist and medical facility profiles.

Vitals Five Stars

Reviews left prior to this update will be affected by this change as they will be moved from a four-star scale to a five-star scale.  You can expect the following conversion:

Star rating conversion

This new rating system will place Vitals on more equal footing with rating sites like Yelp and Google who also employ a five star rating scale.  Giving patients a wider range scale for ratings allows practices and physicians more detailed insight into how patients viewed the care they received.

Vitals Five Stars 2

Vitals Has Changed How Patients Leave Reviews

You may have noticed that the “Write a Review” button has mysteriously disappeared from your physicians’ Vitals profiles.  In a recent update, Vitals removed this button, which was formerly located below the physician’s profile photo.  Now, to leave a review, patients must leave a star rating first:

Before the Vitals update:

Before Vitals Update

After the Vitals update:

After Vitals Update

Patients can add their star rating by clicking the number of stars they would like to leave the physician next to “Add your rating.” A pop-up window will appear and ask the patient to share more details about their rating.  In this pop-up window, patients can rate specific aspects of their visit and leave a written review.

Ratings on Vitals

Despite this recent change, users’ ability to leave anonymous reviews on Vitals remains the same, as does the site’s policy stating that “users [patients] are permitted to post only one submission [review] regarding the same Healthcare Provider, entity, procedure or subject during any thirty (30) day period.”

This new process may be confusing or difficult to some people, so when asking patients to leave online reviews, educate them on the steps they must take to do so. The advantage to this update is that the new rating process, which is similar to Healthgrades’, will allow practices and physicians more insight into what aspects of the patient experience they can improve, whether it is ease of scheduling an appointment or accuracy of diagnosis.

If you have any questions about this update, please direct your questions to

Removing Duplicate Profiles in 3 Easy Steps: Google, Yelp & Vitals

Online review sites like Google My Business (formerly Google+ Local), Yelp and Vitals are valuable marketing tools for businesses. Part of this value stems from the quality of information provided about a business, such as the correct hours, address and contact information. Taking ownership of profiles on these sites for your practice and providers is only part of the solution. You must also clean up extra, or duplicate, profiles that exist now and any that are created in the future.

duplicate profile is an unclaimed profile that represents a practice or provider with a claimed profile. In order to ensure the accuracy of information online, all duplicate profiles need to be reported to the site for removal. Note, any provider profiles on Google and Yelp should be reported as duplicates of your practice’s claimed profile.*

Profiles are periodically generated on these sites based on information found online and in various databases. Be proactive about addressing duplicate profiles by searching for your practice and providers on each site once a month.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below for how to report duplicate profiles on Google, Yelp and Vitals.

*per HCA Web & Social Media Services Best Practices

Google My Business (Google+ Local)

You do not need to be signed into your Google account to report a duplicate profile. You will need to report each duplicate profile separately.

1. Go to Google+ Local and search for profiles by practice name and popular variations, address or phone number and provider names.


2. Click on the duplicate profile you wish to report to view it. On the Google Business profile under Contact Information, click Edit details.

3. On the next page, select Place is a duplicate of another place. Provide an explanation, include the URL of your claimed profile and click Submit.
google4Note: Sometimes Google does not remove profiles when they are reported as duplicates. It’s important to check periodically to ensure the reported profile is removed.


You do not need to be signed into your Yelp account to report a duplicate profile. You can perform multiple searches and select multiple duplicate profiles at once.

1. Find the duplicate business page by searching for it on the Yelp Homepage.

2. Select the listing and click the Edit business info link.

13. Scroll down and check This is a duplicate of another business on Yelp box at the bottom.

4. Provide your email if you are not logged in to your user account.

5. In the Notes section, include the link to the claimed business page.

6. Click Submit.



You do not need to be signed into your Vitals account to report a duplicate profile. You can report all duplicates in one submission.

1. Go to the Vitals Contact Page and click on Contact Customer Care under Get Support.
vitals12. Fill in the required fields. Under Issue, select Remove data from the drop-down.
vitals23. In the Comments box, provider an explanation, include the provider’s full name, NPI, the duplicate profile URL, as well as the URL of your claimed profile and click Submit.

If you have further questions about how to remove duplicate profiles, please contact your Account Manager.