Binary Fountain Review Alerts on Your Mobile Device

By: Elizabeth Wuellner

We are excited to announce two new ways to receive notifications from Binary Fountain on your mobile device: SMS text alerts and the Closing the Loop mobile app. Read below for more information.

Sign up for text alert notifications today and start receiving your alerts by text within 24 hours of a new review being posted. The message includes the score of the new review and where it was posted and links to the Closing the Loop page of the dashboard, which you can access in your mobile browser to close the loop.  To enable mobile alerts, submit a request at

The Closing the Loop mobile app allows users to receive push notifications within 24 hours of a new review being posted. From the notification, users have access to the app, where you can manage and track assigned tasks, view how long tasks have been open, respond to comments and (if you are an approver) approve responses from other users. To download the Closing the Loop app, search for “Binary Fountain” in the app store on your iPhone.

BF1   BF2

Submitting a Ticket through ZenDesk: The HCA Digital Operations Online Help Desk

By: Hannah Brown

How to Submit a Ticket on ZenDesk

The Digital Marketing Operations Team is excited to introduce Zendesk. Zendesk is an online help desk that allows HCA practices and marketing teams to easily submit any update requests or questions regarding their online listings, Binary Fountain or general reputation management to HCA’s Digital Marketing Operations Team. After a user submits a ticket, a member of the team will follow up regarding the request within 24 hours.

Going forward, we ask that you use this online help desk to:

  • Claim or update online profiles for your hospital, service lines, practice or physicians.
  • Inquire about responding to a review
  • Report a duplicate online profile for removal
  • Contest or hide an online review
  • Make updates to Binary Fountain
  • Provide general feedback to our team
  • ….and much, much more. When in doubt, fill it out!

Here is how to submit a request through Zendesk:

  1. Go to Please note: You do not need to log in.
  2. Click Submit a Ticket.
  3. Select the type of request you are submitting: Online Business Listings, Binary Fountain, Reviews or Miscellaneous.
  4. Select a sub-category for your request under the request options.
    zen desk 3
  5. Complete a request form, detailing all relevant information. The following fields are required and must be completed in order to submit a request:
    1. Your name
    2. Your email
    3. Your division
    4. Your location name
    5. A detailed description of the issue

After submitting a request, a member of our dedicated team will follow up with you within 24 hours and continue to provide regular updates on the progress of your request via email. Multiple team members are available to assist with your requests or filter them to the correct people. Additionally, users also have access to a library of digital marketing toolkits to reference at their convenience.

With your help, we look forward to providing a faster, more transparent and more structured support system to better serve you. If you have any questions, please contact


How to Remove Online Profiles for Closed Businesses

Do you know what to do with your business’s online profiles if it closes? If you have made the effort to keep these profiles updated with correct information, you should continue this care even if your business closes. Here are some guidelines and steps to take for removing your business profiles from key online review sites.

Some sites will not allow you to remove a profile, but will allow you to mark the business as closed instead.

Google My Business
  • Report your business as closed and delete the profile from your account. It will still be visible on Google, but will be labeled as closed.
    1. Log into your Google My Business account and select the page you want to remove. At the bottom of the Edit page, click Report problems with this page. Fill in the required fields, check the Business Status (closed or moved) box, and then click Next to submit.
    2. Return to the page dashboard and click the gear symbol in the top right corner. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page and click Delete page to remove it from your account.
  • Contact Yelp to report your business as closed. This will remove the profile entirely from the site and your account.
    1. Email Yelp Support ( from the email address associated with your account and explain that your business has closed. Include the link to the profile for verification purposes.
  • Mark your business as closed. The listing will remain on Foursquare and in your account, but will be labeled as closed to the public.
    1. Log into your Foursquare account and select to use Foursquare as your business listing. Click Manage your listing to go to the Edit page. Once there, scroll to the bottom and click the Advanced Tools drop-down arrow. Choose Close this location.
Angie’s List
  • Report your business as closed. This will remove the profile entirely from Angie’s List and your account.
    1. Log into your Angie’s List Business account and click Contact Us at the top. Fill in the required information and explain that the business has closed. For Category, select Removing business from Angie’s List from the drop-down options.

It’s important to update your online presence if your business closes. Removing profiles from key online review sites is a good place to start, but don’t forget to shut down your social media pages and website as well.

Removing Duplicate Profiles in 3 Easy Steps: Google, Yelp & Vitals

Online review sites like Google My Business (formerly Google+ Local), Yelp and Vitals are valuable marketing tools for businesses. Part of this value stems from the quality of information provided about a business, such as the correct hours, address and contact information. Taking ownership of profiles on these sites for your practice and providers is only part of the solution. You must also clean up extra, or duplicate, profiles that exist now and any that are created in the future.

duplicate profile is an unclaimed profile that represents a practice or provider with a claimed profile. In order to ensure the accuracy of information online, all duplicate profiles need to be reported to the site for removal. Note, any provider profiles on Google and Yelp should be reported as duplicates of your practice’s claimed profile.*

Profiles are periodically generated on these sites based on information found online and in various databases. Be proactive about addressing duplicate profiles by searching for your practice and providers on each site once a month.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below for how to report duplicate profiles on Google, Yelp and Vitals.

*per HCA Web & Social Media Services Best Practices

Google My Business (Google+ Local)

You do not need to be signed into your Google account to report a duplicate profile. You will need to report each duplicate profile separately.

1. Go to Google+ Local and search for profiles by practice name and popular variations, address or phone number and provider names.


2. Click on the duplicate profile you wish to report to view it. On the Google Business profile under Contact Information, click Edit details.

3. On the next page, select Place is a duplicate of another place. Provide an explanation, include the URL of your claimed profile and click Submit.
google4Note: Sometimes Google does not remove profiles when they are reported as duplicates. It’s important to check periodically to ensure the reported profile is removed.


You do not need to be signed into your Yelp account to report a duplicate profile. You can perform multiple searches and select multiple duplicate profiles at once.

1. Find the duplicate business page by searching for it on the Yelp Homepage.

2. Select the listing and click the Edit business info link.

13. Scroll down and check This is a duplicate of another business on Yelp box at the bottom.

4. Provide your email if you are not logged in to your user account.

5. In the Notes section, include the link to the claimed business page.

6. Click Submit.



You do not need to be signed into your Vitals account to report a duplicate profile. You can report all duplicates in one submission.

1. Go to the Vitals Contact Page and click on Contact Customer Care under Get Support.
vitals12. Fill in the required fields. Under Issue, select Remove data from the drop-down.
vitals23. In the Comments box, provider an explanation, include the provider’s full name, NPI, the duplicate profile URL, as well as the URL of your claimed profile and click Submit.

If you have further questions about how to remove duplicate profiles, please contact your Account Manager.

Denver Market Affected by Angie’s List Update

HCA practices in the Denver area may notice a strange alert when logging into an Angie’s List profile. Angie’s List chose the Denver market to implement a website remodel.  Profiles in that area are inactive (unsearchable to users) while changes take place. A date for the launch is undetermined.

The good news is businesses can still set up their profiles as usual. However, following initial setup, changes and updates must be made through Angie’s List support. The tab normally used to update business information has been removed from the market’s profile dashboards.

If your page is affected by the update, you’ll see the following messages upon logging in:

angies list business center

After clicking “Continue,” your profile dashboard will contain an attention notice:


A normal Angie’s List dashboard is shown below:


Angie’s List support suggests making sure all business information is completely up-to-date before the launch. If you’re in the Denver market and would like to verify profile information, email Angie’s List Support or call Angie’s List Business Center Support: 1-866-734-5478.

Support Needed: How to Contact Support Teams for Online Review Sites

The Promote My Practice team works hard to provide you with the most up-to-date and useful resources we can; however, there are some issues with online review sites that we can’t fix. When this happens, it’s time to turn to the support teams. Here’s an outline of common problems you may encounter, and how to contact the site’s support team for help.

Google+ Local Business

If you are having trouble claiming your Google+ Local Business listing, you can reach out to Google’s Support Team for verification help.

1.  Go to the Edit Information page in your Places for Business dashboard.


2.  Scroll to the bottom, where you will see a few different options under Manage this listing. Click on Get help with this listing to go to the Places for Business Help Center.


3.  Click on Contact Us in the top-right corner. A pop-up box will appear with various ways you can contact Google.


    • You can click Call Us to talk with a specialist. This is the best way to get your listing verified if you have encountered problems.
    • You can choose one of the listed options to explore some common issues, find the one that relates the most to your issue, and email Google about a solution.


Another reason you may need to contact Google’s Support Team is if your attempted edits haven’t gone live within a day. To do this, go to Manage this listing at the bottom of the Edit Information page and click on Report problems with this listing. This will take you to a form where you can select aspects of your listing that are incorrect, and submit a support ticket from there.

Yelp for Business Owners

If you have had trouble claiming your Yelp listing or need information updated, you can contact Yelp’s Support Team for assistance.

1.  Scroll to the bottom of any page on Yelp and click Contact Yelp to go to the Contact Us page.


2.  From the drop-down menu, select the topic that best applies to your situation. Most likely, you’ll be selecting one of the following topics: Business owner help, Duplicate business listing, Out of date business listing or Missing reviews.


3.  Each topic will have its own setup of information needed to submit a support ticket. For instance, if you select Business owner help, you will need to choose a subtopic from another drop-down menu. Once you have done that, enter your practice’s Gmail and search for your listing.


4.  Select your listing, and then enter a detailed explanation of the problem you’ve encountered in the Comments box. Click Send once you are done.


If you created a listing on Yelp and haven’t received an email within a week saying the listing has been unlocked and is ready to claim, you should contact Yelp Support. While your listing is still locked, you will not be able to search for it on Yelp’s contact form. Alternatively, you can email Yelp Support at

Vitals for Doctors

There are a few cases when you may need to contact the Vitals Support Team.

  1. You receive an error message saying There was a problem verifying your information.
  2. You receive a message saying your provider’s profile has already been claimed.
  3. There is no existing profile for your provider.

To contact Vitals Support Team, use your practice’s Gmail to email Include your provider’s NPI number for verification purposes and a detailed message about the issue you’re experiencing. Make sure to include the email address associated with your Vitals account as well.

Foursquare for Business

If you have trouble adding and claiming multiple venue listings, experience a loading error or need to request a receipt for the claiming fee, you should contact Foursquare’s Support Team. In the past, the support team has been quick to respond and very helpful.

1.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Help to visit the Foursquare Help Center.


2.  Click on Foursquare for Business in the Help Center menu.


3.  Choose a topic that relates to the issue you’re having. The topic you need will more than likely be under the Claiming Your Listing or Managing Your Listing(s) sections.


4.  If the help article doesn’t answer your question or if you have a more specific issue, scroll to the bottom of the article to Was this article helpful? and click No.


5.  Choose the option that best describes your issue to reveal the contact page. Generally, you will choose I have a question about my business.


6.  Fill in the contact form to submit a support request. Use the email address associated with your account, add a subject and detailed explanation of the issue, choose a broad issue from the drop-down menu, put in the requested Foursquare URLs, add any related attachments (like screenshots of the problem) and click Submit.


Angie’s List Business Center

Angie’s List provides the most support options out of any other site. In addition to the typical contact form, they have a phone number specifically for Business Center support. Steps for submitting a support ticket via the contact form are below.

Angie’s List Business Center Support: 1-866-843-LIST (5478), call center open M-F 8:30am – 8:15pm EST

1.  If you are logged into your account, click on Contact Us at the top of your dashboard. If you are not logged in, Contact Us will be at the bottom of any page under Site Links.


2.  To complete the contact form enter your first and last name, an email address (use your practice’s Gmail), include a subject and a detailed question and attach any related files.


Indicate what your question is about by choosing a topic from the drop-down menu. Most questions or issues will be related to one of these topics: Getting onto Angie’s List, Business Profile, Reviews or Business Center Website Trouble. Then choose a more specific category from the second drop-down menu. These options will change based on what you first indicated as the overall topic of the question.


3.  Once you’ve filled in all sections of the contact form, click Submit to send your question to the Angie’s List Support Team.