Social Media Updates – July

By: Kelly Hutchinson



Groups for Pages Launched

Facebook pages can now create and link existing groups to their pages. This provides page admins the ability to create ‘official’ groups to avoid other, non-official groups from being set up and disconnected from that business page. More >>

Low-Quality Link Visibility Reduced

A recent Facebook algorithm change will reduce the visibility of low-quality links using AI. This policy and technology is meant to weed out links to spam content, for example, linking to a site where the ad to substantive content ratio is too high.

It is important to note, however, that links to sites with a poor user experience will have reduced visibility in News Feeds, so make sure any external articles or links shared are from up-to-date, credible sources with limited ads. More >>

Description Text on Cover Photos

Facebook is testing text on a cover photo, and as a default, it is pulling that text from the business description in the page information. If a page currently has this capability, there is an option to edit the text’s content (up to 100 characters), but not the design. More >>

Facebook Announces User Growth in Q2

Facebook’s community has grown to 2 billion monthly users, with 1.3 billion people using Facebook and 250 million using Instagram Stories every day according to their Q2 2017 Results. More >>

Pop-Up Messenger Chats

Facebook is testing having a chat window pop up when a user accesses a page via desktops when it is ‘active for chat.’ This feature is not being tested on all pages, and currently there is no way to turn this feature off or on if it is rolled out to a page. More >>

Messenger Display Ads Rolling Out


Facebook is rolling out display ads in messenger to all advertisers. These ads will be shown in the Home tab of the Messenger mobile app. According to TechCrunch, the placements depend on how many threads a user has, the size of their phone’s physical screen and the pixel density of the display. More >>

FacebookCustomAudiencesInstagramBusinessProfileCustom Audience Pulled From Instagram Business Profile Engagement

Facebook is testing a new custom audience feature that ties Facebook ad targeting to user engagement with Instagram Business profiles.

When setting up this feature, the advertiser can set ‘rules’ around the type of engagement (i.e. any engagement vs. only direct message engagement) and a timeframe for how far in the past you want to target users who engaged (i.e. past week vs. past three months).

This feature is not available to all advertisers at this time, but if a facility page has this capability, it could be useful for a more cohesive approach to cross-platform targeting for facilities with a strong presence on Instagram. More >>

Updates to Account Overview Tab in Ads Manager

While it is unclear/unconfirmed on whether this update has been rolled out to all advertisers, Adweek reported the ability to customize KPIs on the dashboards in the Account Overview tab in Facebook Ads Manager. More >>




Twitter User Count Stagnate in Q2

Twitter’s Q2 2017 Earnings Report revealed the lack of user growth for this platform, reporting 328 million total users, the same number reported in Q1. However, results showed a 5 percent year-over-year growth in 2017. More >>



New Metrics and Features Rolled Out

Instagram rolled out the ability to view metrics regarding general account performance, content and follower demographics on the app. Along with these metrics, Instagram introduced the ability to hide comments, or toggle them on and off. More >>

New Comment Filters

In a move to reduce comment-spamming, as well as “certain offensive comments,” Instagram added new comment filter features. More >>


Links Now Available to All Users

The ability to incorporate links into snaps is no longer restricted to advertisers and publishers. Using the paper clip icon (this will appear on the right-hand side once a picture or video is taken) a user can now type or paste in a URL that will pull up the website within Snapchat when tapped.

If any facilities are incorporating Snapchat into their social strategy, it is recommended to take advantage of this new feature in order to drive web conversions and provide another touchpoint for audience engagement.

Snapchat has also added a backdrop feature, where icons and designs can be placed behind the subjects of a snap, and a voice-changer filter for all audio. More >>

Introducing Multi-Snap

Snapchat introduced Multi-Snap, a new feature that allows users to record up to six consecutive 10-second snaps at once. The user simply holds down the capture button, and additional snaps will be recorded in 10-second increments with the ability to edit or delete each via thumbnails that appear in the bottom left. More >>

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