Social Media Update – May: Part 2


Measurement Mistake with Video Carousel Ads Viewed in Mobile Web Browsers

Facebook announced last Tuesday that a bug led to misattributed clicks that incorrectly charged advertisers for clicks on link-based video carousel ads. This misattribution counted the clicks from users to simply play a video in full-screen mode as a click to the advertisers website, and in turn, charging for that click if said advertiser was set up on a cost-per-click model (as opposed to cost-per-impressions).

This bug affected video clicks in the carousel format when viewed on Facebook’s site in a smartphone mobile browser, not in the Facebook app and not through browsers on tablets. This error applies to carousel video ads over the course of a year, however, Facebook’s audience via browser on a smartphone versus the actual app is so low, only 0.04 percent of impressions were affected according to Facebook.

If you are concerned about this measurement mistake, discuss with your Facebook advertising vendor partner or check out Facebook’s advertising help center. To learn more about this announcement, click here.

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Image source: Facebook Newsroom 

Facebook Banning Fake Live Videos

Fake and spam live content has been shared through Facebook Live, so in response, Facebook is taking a stand to avoid users and businesses from sharing static images, animations or images on a loop. According to TechCrunch, “videos that violate the policy will have reduced visibility on Facebook, and publishers that repeatedly break the rule may have their access to Facebook Live restricted.” Learn More


Twitter Rolling Out Direct Message Cards

Twitter will be rolling out Direct Message Cards to advertisers (through both Promoted Tweets and in any advertiser’s organic Tweets) in the coming months. These cards include a customizable, four-button menu for a user to engage with in order to start a private message thread with the advertiser. Learn More


Instagram Adds Additional Features

update blog 2

Last Tuesday Instagram launched face filters and a few additional features to Instagram Stories. These filters are almost copy-cat to the augmented reality filters on Snapchat, just a little simpler in design. Instagram also rolled out an eraser tool (to remove any drawings added to a Story), a Rewind feature (to reverse a video) and a Hashtag sticker (like a location sticker, but links to public hashtag page on Instagram.)

Sponsored filters have not rolled out to Instagram Stories yet, but “those could come eventually to rival Snapchat’s similar ad unit,” according to this TechCrunch article. Learn More

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