Social Media Updates – March Part 2

By: Kelly Hutchinson

Facebook: Live Via Desktop & Facebook Stories

Facebook announced last week the ability to now go live on a laptop or desktop computer via a webcam for all users. With this new capability, a user can share their screen and share graphics, images and more. This feature can be accessed through the status update and clicking Live Video.  More >>

Facebook also released Facebook Stories, similar to their recently launched Messenger Day capabilities mentioned in our previous update, but accessible at the top of the News Feed for users on mobile devices as opposed to the Facebook Messenger app.

This Snapchat and Instagram Stories clone operates in a similar fashion, allowing for filters, text and drawings on images and video and allows you to post to your Story or send directly to friends.

Facebook Stories is not available to brands yet, and there is no ad integration for businesses at this stage, however, once Facebook Stories develops a strong user-base, integrating functionality for businesses will probably follow.  More >>

Twitter Updates the 140-Character Reply

Twitter announced yesterday that @usernames in a Tweet reply will not count toward that Tweet’s 140 characters. With these new replies, the user(s) being replied to will appear above the text as opposed to within the Tweet’s text.

This update to Twitter’s “Reply” function allows you to see the conversation better and eliminates having usernames listed at the beginning of a Tweet. This feature also allows you to easily select who you want to reply to within a Tweet conversation.  More >>


undefinedSnapchat Incorporates Stories in Search

Snapchat recently announced that it is expanding the search function to include Stories, not just users. When a user types in a search query, Stories are pulled from “Our Stories,” the localized, crowd-sourced stories portal users can submit their snaps to.

This feature allows Snapchat to join the world of search, better aligning their platform to compete with Google and YouTube, a social video platform that is considered the second-largest search engine.

Snapchat’s Stories in Search feature will be rolling out in select cities, and for now, does not include ads (but stay tuned, I am sure). If this feature is rolled out in your city, and once it is rolled out globally, it is recommended to type your facility’s name into the search to see if there are any related snaps. More >>

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