Updated Promote My Practice HealthStream Course

By: Kelly Hutchinson


Our Promote My Practice program, supporting PSG online listing, social media and reputation management training and assistance, underwent some changes in 2016. One major change was moving the previous Promote My Practice Course 100 five-week webinar to be available online, alongside other training courses on the HealthStream platform.

This course, entitled Promote My Practice Online Marketing & Reputation Management Overview, was updated at the end of 2016 to reflect some operational changes and listing updates, so we are excited to announce that a new version is available on HealthStream.

For those not familiar, this course is required by PSG leadership for all new Practice Managers and is designed to help new managers or administrators understand the importance of monitoring your practice’s online presence and responding appropriately to reviews, in addition to learning how the Corporate Affairs Marketing and Digital Services team will be managing your practice’s online presence.

The course will require approximately one hour, and it is suggested to complete it in one sitting. If that is not possible, a manager or administrator can exit the course at any time and pick it back up at a later time or date to complete.

If you have any questions about this course, please reach out to Kelly Hutchinson on the Online Marketing Team. Stay tuned for additional updates to this course and online training offerings from the Marketing and Digital Services team!

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