2016 Email Marketing Landscape

By: Jessica Troccoli


Like any digital channel, email marketing best practices are constantly changing. Staying up to date on current trends is an important part of optimizing email campaigns and maximizing return on investment.

Keep these trends in mind when developing email campaigns in 2016:

Mobile Optimization

It is estimated that 40-60 percent of consumers in the United States, Canada and Europe use smartphones to access emails on a daily basis, making mobile-optimized emails crucial to campaign success. When designing an email, think mobile first. The layout should be intuitive and hassle-free so that it does not distract from the call to action. To ensure peak performance, always test messages on mobile devices before sending to a subscriber list.


A customized email that is crafted specifically for each subscriber will most likely perform better than a general, one-size-fits-all message. Add substitution strings to personalize messages with things like the subscriber’s first name, content tailored to specific age groups or even regional colloquialisms when appropriate.

Bold Images and Animations

Things like infographics, animated GIFs and other visuals enhance email designs and help hold subscribers’ attention. When including visuals in an email, be mindful of size and make sure they have a strategic purpose that supports the objective of the message.

Cross-Channel Synergy

Integrating email campaigns with other digital marketing channels creates a focused message for consumers. While the message and majority of content can remain the same across channels, the format may change. Reformat the message to follow best practices for each digital property.

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