Beating the Yelp Review Filter

By: Hannah Brown

yelp review filter

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Recommended Reviews feature on Yelp. People regularly complain when a positive review gets filtered out on their listing, but have less to say when a negative review gets filtered into the “not currently recommended” section on a Yelp listing. Ideally, while Yelp’s rating software has been built to stop spam from competitors or one-time negative reviewers, it can also prevent good businesses from turning good service into good reviews. With 88% of all people trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations the question remains: How do you beat the Yelp filter to show legitimate reviews on your business’s Yelp listing?

Check out these 5 tips:

  1. Understand the review filter and its general purpose, which is to filter out fake/one-time member reviews. Check out Yelp’s video on how it works to learn more.
  2. Learn what makes for a filtered Yelp review. Yelp takes a look at a variety of criteria to help them distinguish between a legitimate or fake review. Yelp will most likely filter a review if:
    1. It is from a one-time reviewer
    2. It is from a reviewer without an established profile (photo, additional info, etc.)
    3. It is strongly slanted positively and negatively
    4. It is short, without many details
    5. It is from a location far from where the business is located
  3. Interact with the reviewer. Adding the reviewer as a friend, sending the reviewer a message, responding to the review and voting the review as “Useful” or “Funny” are interactions that can aid in the review being legitimized by the Yelp software.
  4. Encourage your customers to be active on Yelp. Customers with better reputations on Yelp (leave a lot of reviews, have a complete profile, etc.) are less likely to have their reviews filtered.
  5. Focus on getting reviews, not whether they go through the filter. There are many legitimate ways to improve your business reviews on Yelp. The more positive reviews you have on Yelp, filtered or unfiltered, the better off you will be as a whole.

Remember, 33% of negative reviews turn positive, so whether or not the reviews on your listing have been filtered, every review left is an important opportunity for you to engage with a current or future customer.

More Information:
Yelp Help: Why Are My Reviews Not Recommended By Yelp?

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