How Reputation Management Affects SEO

By: Chris McCarthy


There is so much you can do to grow your online presence through search engine optimization. Curating custom content and utilizing SEO best practices will help you make strides in overall website health. However, maintaining trust with search engines goes beyond standard SEO practices.

Reputation management contributes to how Google and other search engines view a website’s credibility. For example, if an entity creates a Google+, Yelp or Glassdoor account, but doesn’t have the correct contact or location information, the entity’s website may be deemed as untrustworthy by the search engines. In addition, if social media accounts are not updated with correct information, it hurts the user experience. This may result in negative reviews or comments that appear due to outdated facility information. By establishing social media and business listing best practices you will create a seamless journey so that users can effortlessly find all the correct information your website has to offer.

When optimizing a site, start with SEO best practices. Then connect with the reputation management team to verify passwords haven’t expired, information is correct and that your business listing profiles are entirely filled out. It is important to not only fill out each social media account profile fully, but to optimize with consistent messaging and branded keywords. By creating a streamlined message, you will establish website authority and build website credibility.

While it is difficult to control customer service issues or specific interactions at the facility, it is possible to build SEO and a positive social media presence if negative reviews are to appear. By being up-to-date with all social media accounts, your website will be well guarded against any negative comments surrounding a negative online user experience.

Help establish a positive online reputation by creating and thoroughly updating your online profiles.

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