Reputation Management Tips for the New Year: Make it a Team Effort

By: Morrow Heard

In this series, we have covered ideas to improve your practice’s online presence by updating your M3 Advocate links, asking for reviews, and maintaining your pages.


In this fourth and final tip of the series, we encourage you to involve your staff – an essential aspect of creating the best online presence. The first three posts in this series cover topics that are all enhanced when using a team approach to maintian these efforts.

Use these 3 tips to involve your staff in improving your online reputation:

Tip 1: Use Binary Fountain reporting to keep the team updated on your online reputation.

Binary Fountain monthly reports are a great resource to give the staff detailed information about trends in what your patients are saying online. By sharing the reports and trends in staff meetings, you can keep everyone up-to-date and engaged with the reputation of the practice.

Tip 2: Share details about your reviews

By sharing trends, you can give your team a big picture look at what your online reputation looks like. Even more insight can be gained by using specific reviews to give your staff specific examples about what the practice is doing right and areas to improve the patient experience.

Tip 3: Recognize members with outstanding performance

Positive praise is a great motivation to keep your staff involved in your online reputation. Use your staff meetings to give recognition to individuals who have positive mentions in reviews, stand out in asking for reviews or distributing reputation management promotional materials.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of this reputation management series, please reach out to your account manager!

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