2016: A Marketing Forecast

By: Emily Williams

With the new year now two weeks underway, you’ve probably already broken your resolutions (do you even remember what they were at this point), mourned the end of college football (only 231 more days) and hopefully tossed all of the holiday leftovers from your fridge (if you can’t recognize it, it’s done).

2015 was a good one.

What does 2016 have to offer?


In the marketing world, there are three key things to watch for in 2016:

1. More Mobile!

According to Smart Insights, mobile usage surpassed desktop in 2014 and continues to increase rapidly.


This means you can expect your target audience to be searching for you and interacting with you on their mobile devices. This provides great opportunities for connecting with patients. For example, if you are looking for your prospective patients to call your office to make an appointment, it is easy for the user to take action and call with one click from your website, online listings or an Adwords ad extension!

Also, mobile optimized websites are more critical than ever. Internally, our transition to HUT has allowed for our websites to be more mobile friendly in order to reach this large audience of mobile users!

2. Highly Specific Targeting

Mobile devices collect all kinds of information – from heart rates to traffic patterns to videos of your niece singing that song from Frozen. And the data is only getting more and more specific and personal.

With cookies, tracking links and other data-capturing technologies, the world of data is getting more and more detailed every day. Each website click, Google search and online purchase is being tracked and used to help marketers know how, where and when to reach prospects.

The evolving world of data collection and tracking means that instead of marketing harder, we can market smarter. With this specific information, we have the power to put actionable information into the hands of relevant prospects and hot leads.

According to MarketingProfs, 2016 will be a stepping stone towards marketers becoming heavily data-driven; however, the process as a whole will take a significant amount of time to accomplish.

3. Social Media Remains King

The increase of social networking over the past decade is astounding. According to the Pew Research Center, 10% of internet users were on social media in 2005. In 2015, that number was its highest ever at 76%. While the percentage of new users has recently plateaued, it is still increasing slightly year over year. I guess once you have conquered the world, there’s not much left to do but hold on to your spot.

According to The Nielson Company, the top smartphone apps of 2015 (based on number of unique users each month) were:

  1. Facebook: 126+ million unique monthly users
  2. YouTube: 97+ million unique monthly users
  3. Facebook Messenger: 96+ million unique monthly users

Not only are your patients using their mobile devices to find your practice, but they are using them to interact with your brand on social networking sites as well. If you have a social media page, make sure that you update your page with relevant information at least three times per week. An inactive page is worse than no page at all. If a prospect finds your Facebook page, but sees that there haven’t been any posts since 2014, they will likely wonder if you are even still in business! Keeping your social media sites active is critical for consumer engagement.

Here’s hoping 2016 is prosperous for you and all of your marketing goals!

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