Reputation Management Tips for the New Year: Update Social Links in M3-Advocate

By: Jael Teme

This is the second post in a four-part Reputation Management Tips for the New Year series dedicated to tips that can help you manage / improve your online reputation in the new year. Our first tip was Ask Patients to Leave Positive Reviews.

For the second installment of the series, we are covering how to update your social links in M3- Advocate to potentially increase the number of online reviews.

2 (2)

Tip #2: Increase Positive Reviews by Updating Social Links in M3-Advocate

While some patients might rush to their phone or computer to express their opinion, others will be more inclined to share with their families and friends instead of writing a review. That’s why MedicalGPS is a powerful tool.

After patients receive their MedicalGPS survey and submit it, a follow-up email is sent to the patient inviting them to leave a review in one of the practice’s social sites. For patients to be able to do that, the social profiles in Google+ or Vitals should be linked to your M3 Advocate account. The social media team has updated all Google and Vitals links for all practices and physicians who participated in Course 100.  If a physician has joined your practice and you would like to add their claimed Vitals profile link to M3 Advocate or if you’d like to update any existing link within M3, follow these steps:

  1. Login to M3-Patient Experience® and click “M3-Advocate Pilot“. The M3-Advocate system will open to the “Manage Providers” page.
  1. Click “Edit Social Links” to make changes.

m3 1.jpg

  1. Copy and paste your URL for your Vitals or Google My Business

m3 2

  1. Click on “Save Changes to Social Links”.

You are finished!

If you need assistance locating your practice’s Google+ or Vitals links, feel free to reach out to the reputation management team. For other questions regarding MedicalGPS, you can also use the M3 support resource.

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