Reputation Management Tips for the New Year: Ask Patients to Leave Positive Reviews!

By: Grant Peterre

This is the first post in a four-part Reputation Management Tips for the New Year series dedicated to tips that can help you manage / improve your online reputation in the new year. 


Consumers and prospective patients have a vast expanse of resources available to them when it comes to choosing a physician or practice. By browsing review sites such as Yelp, Google+ and Vitals, patients can draw their own conclusions based on a variety of factors. A common question that we get from practice managers is: How can we increase our positive reviews online?

Tip #1: Ask Patients to Leave Positive Reviews!

We recommend a four-step approach to asking patients to leave online reviews.

Step One: Make sure your patients are happy!

Maintaining a professional and personable atmosphere at all levels of your practice will ensure that patients have plenty of positive experiences to draw from when considering writing an online review.

Step Two: Create a plan.

Assign tasks to your staff members. For example, the front desk receptionist can be assigned the task of handing out promotional materials and monitoring social media pages for online reviews. Upon receiving a compliment, nurses and physicians can remind patients that they can leave reviews online about their experience. Practice managers can monitor their Medical GPS surveys and follow up with patients that have had long relationships with the practice.

Step Three: Tell patients about their options.

Simply providing information about various online review sites will open the possibilities for your patients. Reach out to your Reputation Management Account Manager to order promotional materials that are specifically tailored with your practice’s logo and social media links.

Step Four: Ask!

If you have maintained the first three steps and a patient responds positively when asked about their experience, feel free to ask them if they would consider leaving their thoughts on an online platform as well. Having the promotional materials and handouts will make the process even easier for the patient.

As always, we like to remind everyone to not leave fake reviews in order to boost your ratings. The review sites are able to monitor the source in which reviews come from, and this can lead to consequences such as being banned from the sites or even fined.

Following the process outlined above is an effective way to boost your online reputation!

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