How Angie’s List Adds Value for Paying Members

By: Morrow Heard

The Angie’s List business model is set up differently than other review sites. Instead of creating an open platform for people to share their experiences with businesses, Angie’s list is a platform that users must pay join in order to access or leave reviews about their experiences with businesses.

By requiring payment or a membership fee to access reviews, Angie’s List has a need for information to be more beneficial and reliable than the information that they could get on other review platforms.

angies list value

Angie’s List adds to the value of their product in four major ways:

  1. Reviews are not anonymous, providing some insight in determining if bad reviews are from disgruntled employees, and good reviews aren’t from the company owner.
  1. Angie’s List has a strict data certification process to ensure that the reviews are all reliable. This process includes:
  • Limiting users to reporting only once on any particular company
  • Prohibiting companies from rating themselves or their competitors
  • Screening all reports to ensure they are acceptable
  1. Angie’s List has a complaint resolution team to help settle disputes between customers and service providers.
  1. Companies can respond to all reports free of charge in order to give the customer the full story.

These four factors help Angie’s List justify their paid service compared to the free services of their competitors.

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