Healthgrades Updates its Reviews System

By: Keiana Hastings

Healthgrades, a leader in healthcare ratings, recently made a major update to its system. Healthgrades’ goal is to “provide complete, objective and meaningful health information across digital platforms to help patients choose the right physician”. With this new feature, they are well on their way to accomplishing this goal.

What’s New?

Healthgrades’ newest enhancement is open text review. Prior to the update, reviewers could only leave star ratings. With open text review, users can now leave written comments about their experience in addition to their star ratings.

healthgrades review

Unlike most review sites, Healthgrades will read each review before it is published.

That’s great! Can I respond to the reviews?

Physicians cannot respond to reviews left on Healthgrades. Physicians can post a general response to be displayed on the survey page. Like most review sites, you cannot hide or delete reviews left by patients.

Can I delete reviews?

No, a review cannot be deleted. However, a review may be flagged at any time. It is at the discretion of the editorial team at Healthgrades as to whether it will be removed.

Will Binary Fountain monitor the new text reviews?

Yes, Binary Fountain’s system will capture both the star ratings and the text reviews. However, you will still not be permitted to respond.

With this new update, consumers may turn to Healthgrades even more. Be sure to update your account regularly. To view or make edits to your profile, log in to Healthgrades. From there you can update your information and view your ratings. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please visit or contact your reputation management account manager.

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