Avoid Negative Reviews by Focusing on Four Key Areas of Your Facility

By: Jael Teme

Avoid bad reviews

Expectations vary from one person to the next, especially in the healthcare world. Providers might have an idea of what constitutes a successful visit, while patients may have different expectations.

According to Online Physician Reviews, patients are leaving online reviews based on these four categories:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Staff
  3. Access
  4. Facilities

Let’s take a look at each one and determine how to reduce the gap between an average visit and a visit that exceeds the expectations of a patient:

  1. Communication skills

The interaction between the patient and the provider is a very important element of a patient review. One of the worst reviews a provider can receive is the one that includes the words “bad bedside manner.” When the provider spends time listening to the patient and communicating effectively, it is more likely the patient will leave satisfied.

  1. Staff

The people working in your facility are the face of your organization. When a patient walks in, they are looking for friendliness and professionalism. Training your staff to provide good customer service will help you gain better reviews.

  1. Access

Ease of scheduling and punctuality are two critical things patient desire. From the moment a person calls the facility to make an appointment to the moment they are in the waiting room, the patient is mentally rating the service they are receiving. Ensuring that you have an efficient scheduling process in place will prevent potential patient frustrations.

  1. Facilities

Pay attention to the “small” details. Reducing clutter, straightening up the waiting room and ensuring that your office is tidy can help you avoid bad reviews related to your facility.

Patients are likely to base an overall rating of your facility on these four key items. While it’s impossible to know what each patient is expecting, keeping these items in mind will help you and your facility potentially avoid bad reviews.

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