Content Optimization for Multiple Search Engines

By: Chris McCarthy

CO for multiple search engines

When creating and implementing SEO best practices for your site, some have often wondered whether particular search engines require specific optimization. Does the same optimization work for all search engines? The short answer is yes.

Search engines are built with complex algorithms, allowing them to crawl, index and rank website pages the search engine feels their users will most benefit from. There are no “short cuts” to trick these algorithms, but some search engines have provided webmaster guidelines that outline what is viewed as important, trustworthy content.

Google Webmaster Guidelines highlights these tips to garner better placement in their search engine:

  • Write content for the user, and the rest will fall into place
  • Do not use trickery to get your users to click on a link that has different content than what is promised
  • Create internal links for a seamless user experience and to help the search engine connect the URLs
  • Curate rich, meaningful content to your user and the search engine
  • Do keyword research to see what users are searching for nationally and regionally, then implement the keywords within your content

Bing Webmaster Guidelines highlights the below to garner better placement in their search engine:

  • Implement keywords and keyword phrases throughout content
  • Produce new content often
  • Be sure to house content on webpages rather than in images or code

Ultimately, creating rich, meaningful content and utilizing SEO best practices will improve your site authority and establish trust with search engines. There are no secret tricks you can do for one search engine that will help your site rank higher. Instead, focus on the overall quality of your site, and the rankings will follow.

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