How to Add Share Buttons to Your Blog Post

By: Carla Rivera

Share Buttons

By: Carla Rivera

There are many factors to keep in mind when writing a blog post for your business, some more obvious than others.  One thing that it’s often overlooked during this process is giving each post the capability of actually being shared.  Now more than ever before, sharing your content is just as important as writing it.  What’s the point of a great post when only a few people get to read it?

When writing a blog post, one must always follow the logical steps: brainstorm what you want to write about, do your research, include sharable material (i.e. photo and/or video), credit the correct sources, etc.  But one thing that can be easily forgotten is adding share buttons to your post.

How many times have you wanted to share something on Facebook and can’t find that share button, resulting in this process of having to go to a separate window, logging in, and copy/pasting the link into your status box in order to share?  More often than not, you end up not posting anything.  By simply adding share buttons to each post you are not only engaging the reader, but you are also enabling them.

The following steps will show you how to easily add share buttons to a blog post:  (Note: These steps are for the blogging platform.)

Step 1 – Once you’re logged in, click on My Site at the top left to go into your blog’s dashboard.


Step 2 – Once in the dashboard, scroll down to Configure  and click on Sharing.


Step 3 – This page will give you two options to choose from: Connections or Sharing Buttons—click on the latter.


Step 4Sharing Buttons will allow you to fully customize the appearance of your share buttons, starting with editing the label text.  You can do this by clicking on Edit label text at the top, type in the title and then click on Close.



Step 5Edit visible sharing buttons by clicking on the buttons you want to add or remove.  This will also give you the option of reordering the buttons to your liking by clicking on Reorder.  Once you’re finished, click on Close.


Step 6 – Now that the buttons are added, you may proceed to customize their appearance.  We advise that you choose the Official Buttons since they are the most recognized by the readers.  Also, adding the options to Reblog & Like your posts is a great way to engage the reader.  Once you have customized these, click on Save Changes.


Step 7 – Under Options, choose to show the share buttons on Posts and Pages.  This will automatically add the buttons to each every single time.  Click on Save Changes when finished.


Done and done!  Remember that you can always preview the share buttons while customizing them in the Preview box at the top of this section.  Once all changes have been made you are good to go. Easy!

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