Online Reviews: How Much Do They Matter?

By: Grant Peterre

how much do review sites matter

In the past, how did people choose a physician or healthcare provider? Most of the time, doctors or physicians that were familiar within family or friend systems were recommended. Personal testimonials go a long way, after all. If your family member or best friend had something to say about a physician, it is safe to assume that you would hold their opinion with some sort of value.

But what would happen if a health issue arose, and no one in your friend or family circle could offer a personal recommendation?

We now live in the digital age, where these sorts of problems are more easily approached. Simply typing in your ailment and your city into an online search will bring up a myriad of different practices and physicians available for services. The key to choosing the best option lies in the online review.

We have at our disposal a staggering amount of testimonial stories and reviews regarding healthcare providers and locations. If you are wondering how implementing Reputation Management can affect your business, take a look at some new research collected by BrightLocal’s 2015 Local Consumer Review Survey.

One of the more powerful statistics found in this survey is that 92% of consumers now read online reviews. And that number is only getting higher.  It is more important than ever to manage your online reputation. Consumers have reported that star ratings have a direct impact over their opinions of business, so maintaining a positive online presence is crucial for recruiting new patients to your facilities.

We have talked about some great Reputation Management ideas in the past, such as How To Hide Negative Reviews on Vitals and Why Yelp Matters. Managing your online reputation and generating positive reviews are directly related to yielding new revenue, and these trends show no sign of stopping anytime in the future.

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