Top 10 Email Marketing Terms You Need To Know

By: Jessica TroccoliTop 10

We talked about why email marketing is so important in a previous post, but how can you develop a plan and where do you start? You must first understand the terminology before diving into developing a strategic plan. Here are the top ten terms you need to know about email marketing.

  1. Bounce – An email that is not successfully delivered to the intended recipient. There are two types of bounces: hard bounce and soft bounce.
    1. Hard bounce – Indicates a permanent issue that causes the email to not be delivered; i.e. an invalid or malformed email address, an unknown host, denied access or an inactive user account
    2. Soft bounce – Indicates a temporary issue that causes the email to not be delivered; i.e. a full mailbox, a server that is down or offline, a communication error or a message that is too large to be downloaded
  2. Call to action (CTA) – A statement urging the recipient to take immediate action. In emails the CTA is generally in the form of a button or hyperlinked text that takes the subscriber to a designated landing page.
  3. CAN-SPAM – An act passed in 2003 establishing rules for commercial email messages. The act gives recipients the right to opt out of receiving messages from a business and outlines the penalties for violators.
  4. Click-through rate (CTR) – The percentage of click-throughs compared to the number of emails delivered.
  5. Conversion rate – The percentage of recipients completing a desired action (i.e. made an appointment, paid a bill, created an account, subscribed to a newsletter, etc.) compared to the number of emails delivered.
  6. Deliverability – The ability to successfully deliver an email to the intended recipient without being blocked by spam filters.
  7. HTML email – An email that is formatted using hypertext markup language (HTML), meaning it is designed to include non-text elements such as logos and images.
  8. Landing page – A web page that email recipients are directed to via a hyperlink.
  9. Open rate – The percentage of opens compared to the total number of emails delivered.
  10. Opt-outs/Unsubscribes – Individuals who have indicated they no longer wish to receive further email communications.

Once you learn these terms, you will be able to start working on a strategic plan for implementing email marketing.

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