How to Hide Negative Reviews on Vitals

By: Hannah Brown is the top doctor directory on the Internet with more than 4.35 million monthly visitors; a number that is consistently rising. In addition to serving as a directory of doctors, Vitals allows patients to post reviews about their experiences with one or more physicians. In most cases on physician review sites, if a patient leaves a negative review, they are the only ones who can remove it. Vitals, however, is the exception!

Vitals allows the owner of a profile to hide 2 negative reviews!

If there are more than 2 negative reviews on the profile, the profile owner (the doctor or someone working on behalf of the doctor) can choose which 2 negative reviews to hide. Best practices suggest that if the negative reviews span a significant period of time, it is best to hide the most recent negative reviews and leave historical negative reviews showing. You should hide the 2 most recent negative reviews, unless there are others that you find especially compromising.

It is important to check the physician profile monthly to monitor for new negative reviews to hide. You are actually able to unhide a previously hidden negative review in order to hide a new one, as long as only two are hidden at any point in time. Checking your reviews monthly is the most effective way to manage negative reviews on Vitals profiles.

To hide a negative review, you must be logged into your Vitals account. Once signed in, select edit profile. Locate the review you wish to hide, and click the HIDE button. To show a review you have previously hidden, select SHOW.

vitals, how to hide reviews

Need help responding to negative comments? Want assistance with your Vitals profiles? Contact our Reputation Management and Social Media Team with any questions.

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