Google Adds More Health Information: How It Can Help Your SEM Campaign

By: Emily Williams

Many people Google health symptoms before seeking the care of a provider. Because so many are seeking medical advice online, Google has expanded its health conditions database. In fact, the number of conditions in their database has more than doubled to over 900!

Just like before, searchers will see an overview of the illness, but now it will include more in-depth information, a wider range of illnesses, design changes and even a downloadable pdf for patients to take to a doctor’s visit.

For example, if a user searches for ‘Epilepsy’ on Google, the results will show something like this:

paid ads results

In addition to creating more informed patients, this new search feature can have a significant impact on your healthcare facility’s online presence.

Because there is now better medical information on Google, searchers may look to Google for health answers more often than before, moving traffic from medical websites to a Google search results page.

This is good news for your healthcare facility, particularly if you are running a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign! If your facility is running a paid advertising campaign on Google, it most likely includes specific medical conditions in its keywords.

This means that if you are a neurology clinic in Edmond, OK running an SEM campaign that includes the keywords about ‘epilepsy’, your advertisement is likely to show up beside this Google health result for a searcher in the Edmond area looking for details about epilepsy. Even though the searcher is looking for information about a specific illness, he will find your facility’s information right next to the medical information if the keywords trigger your ad to appear. This creates a very short action plan for the searcher! If he is concerned that someone in his family may have epilepsy, he googles it. Once he reads the symptoms on the Google search results page and confirms that the symptoms are clear, he doesn’t have to search again for what his next step is. Your contact information is right there beside the results!

With more people turning to Google for medical information, your SEM campaigns are likely to benefit from the traffic!

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