Reputation Management Tip #4: Think Outside the Box!

By: Grant Peterre

It’s that time again! We are happy to share another Reputation Management tip from Forbes Magazine. In the past several weeks, we have discussed useful tips such as being social, owning your search engine results and crafting quality blog content for your pages.

In this installment, we will discuss how creativity can improve your online reputation.

Tip #4: Think Outside the Box!

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT TIP 4 think outside the box

Creativity and originality are immensely important for your internet presence. With the vast amount of platforms available for uploading content, generating material that is unique and captivating has never been easier.

Has your practice recently participated in a community service event? Upload the group photo on your Facebook page. Do you have too many great pictures from the event to share on Facebook? Create a video slideshow and upload it to YouTube. Pictures and videos are a great way to easily share quality content and generate traffic for your website. And don’t just repost photos from other sources! Easily create your own through free, user-friendly graphic design sites like Canva. As always, tagging and linking media between all the platforms you maintain can positively impact your search engine rankings.

Share your own creative ideas with your staff! Read more about Reputation Management tips from Forbes Magazine, and stay tuned for our final tip!

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