5 Tried-and-True Tips to Increase Social Media Followers

By: Hannah Brown

tried and true tips to increase social media followers

The number of social media followers that you have has a direct influence on the impact of your messages. Followers help determine both how your message will be spread and who will see it. Do you want to grow your social media following? Check out these 5 proven tips to increase your followers across your social media accounts:

  1. Create a posting strategy. Consistently posting on each social media outlet is key to a successful social following. Keeping up with a posting schedule will help to develop an engaged audience, without flooding users with too much information. Our team suggests using monthly posting plans to create posts for each month prior to its start. Aiming for three posts per week is a great place to start!
  2. Centralize social media management. A single person in charge of all social media accounts for your facility will ensure uniformity and organization across all platforms. While the person’s job does not have to be solely focused on social media, having someone familiar with all aspects of your business is important to proper social media management.
  3. Use a storytelling approach. Senior marketing communication manager of social media for Microsoft, Kelly Rigotti, talks about Microsoft’s marketing strategy: “We wanted to start talking to customer about what their needs are as opposed to what our products are.” Avoid a lot of promotional material on your social media pages. Instead, focus on sharing pertinent content tailored to your audience.
  4. Stay active across all platforms. Inactivity on social media platforms is a root cause of unfollowing. Users follow a business on social media because they are interested in its content. If you don’t share any content, your audience will lose interest and your page will lose value.
  5. Pay attention to your users. Your audience on social media has values and interests. Remember your audience at all times when posting and sharing content by tailoring to those values and interests.

Building a long-term and engaged following on social media won’t happen overnight, but using these 5 tips will help get you started in the right direction on all of your social platforms.

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