Reputation Management Tip #2: Blog!

By: Grant Peterre

In this post, we continue our examination of excellent reputation management tips from Forbes Magazine. In the first post of the series, we discussed the advantages of being social online to create a positive presence for your physicians and facilities.

Today, we will examine how creating professional and quality blog content can improve your online reputation.

Tip #2: Blog!

reputation management tip 2, blog

Blogging about your industry is a great way to promote a positive and knowledgeable reputation. Creating original content that is relevant to the interests of your patients and clients also allows you to stay updated on current trends in healthcare. By researching and developing ideas for blog posts, you will undoubtedly read relevant articles about healthcare news that you can use to better your own facility.

Creating and maintaining a blog also provides a great opportunity to increase your presence in search engine results. By including your company’s branding and linking to other pages within your facility’s network, a higher volume of traffic will be directed into your site. As a result, search engines will rank your pages higher in their results. Updating your blog with weekly posts is an effective way to increase your search engine presence.

Read more about reputation management tips from Forbes Magazine, and watch for another tip coming soon!

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