Reputation Management Tip #1: Be Social

By: Grant Peterre

Last year, social media contributors at Forbes published a list of tips for managing online reputations in the business world. The need for social media and reputation management has become increasingly clear as more and more consumers turn to online profiles as a trustworthy testimonial source. This is especially true for healthcare, as clients and patients not referred by friends and family will seek information online regarding new physicians, hospitals, and facilities. You want your online reputation to be as positive and presentable as possible, as potential new patients will most likely seek your information on the internet.

In this five-part series, we will examine each reputation management tip provided by Forbes and discuss the benefits for your healthcare community.

Tip #1: Be Social

reputation management tips from forbes #1 be social

Social media platforms provide the ideal forum to quickly and easily interact with your patient base. Another added benefit is that you can be as formal or as informal as you want. Has someone posted a less-than-positive review on your Facebook business page? Send them a courteous message and offer the contact information for a manager or director that can personally assist them with their issue. Have a great picture from a community service event that your facility has hosted? Share it on your Twitter page with a clever hashtag for all your followers to see!

Google, Facebook, and Twitter are the social profiles that perform the best in search results, so make sure you claim your pages! This will ensure that you are in control of your online reputation. To gain an even larger online presence for your facility, link all of your social profiles together to direct users between multiple platforms.

Read more about Reputation Management from Forbes, and be watching for the next four tips to be discussed here!

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