Privacy Concerns: Using Your Personal Facebook Profile as an Admin on Your Practice’s Facebook Page

By: Emily Williams

top privacy concerns of admins

When setting up a Facebook page for your practice, you will need to assign the appropriate contacts within your practice as page admins.

Facebook allows an unlimited number of admins on your page, but is very clear that each of the admins should have their own personal Facebook profile.

This often leads to questions about an employee’s privacy. Here are the most commonly asked questions about an employee’s privacy when given page admin rights through a personal profile:

Does being a page admin give other page admins the ability to view my personal profile?

No. The privacy settings of your personal Facebook account still apply once you are a page admin. People who are also admins of your page but not your Facebook friend can only see what the general public can see on your page. You can learn more about your personal profile’s security settings in the Basic Privacy Settings & Tools section on the Facebook website.

Of course, if you are Facebook friends with other admins, they will continue to be able to view your profile.

Can people see that I am an admin of my practice’s page?

It depends on the settings of your practice’s page. You can choose to feature the page admins, but the default setting is to hide this from the public page. Even when someone likes your page, this means no one besides other admins will be able to see you are an admin on the page unless this setting is changed.

When I am posting something on my practice’s page as an admin, I see my name on the post. It says “Published by (My Name)”. Can everyone see this?

No. The people who view your practice’s page cannot see who published each post. This can only be seen by the other administrators of your page. It is used as an internal control, so the admins on your account can determine which user published particular posts.

For example, this is a post from an admin’s viewpoint, showing the publisher’s name:

facebook admin view of a page post

This is a post from a page visitor’s viewpoint (not an admin), which does not show the publisher’s name:

facebook visitor view of a page post

Can my boss see my Facebook activity on my work computer?

It depends. You will need to check your practice’s policies regarding your IT equipment. If your practice has full rights to view online activity on your work-issued computer, then it is possible that they could see your page when you log in to Facebook.

It is a good idea to reach out to your IT department before creating a Facebook page in order to understand your practice’s privacy policies and explain the new social media presence so they do not flag your account for non-work related internet use. Your practice may block Facebook access altogether, so you would need to request expanded internet access with the IT team.

Also, don’t forget to log out of Facebook when you are finished posting. If you do not log out, the next person that accesses Facebook on that computer will be able to see your account.

Can I create a fake Facebook account and have all of my practice’s page admins use the same login credentials to access our page?

No. You should not create a fake Facebook profile for your administrators to share in order to access your page. Facebook is very clear that fake profiles violate their terms of use. If your page is determined to be in violation of Facebook’s policies, it will be removed. If the fake account is the only admin of the page and gets deleted, you could lose access to your page altogether.

What if a person I want to be an admin does not have a Facebook page or refuses to use their personal account on our practice’s page?

If someone does not have a personal Facebook account, they can choose to create an account for free. They can implement the strictest security settings and never add friends or accept friend requests if they do not want to use it as a social networking tool. You can even edit your privacy settings to prevent your profile from showing up in search results if someone searches for your name.

If someone refuses to use a personal account as an admin for your practice’s page, it is best to select another admin to work with them. They can generate the content and have another admin post it to the page. This is not an ideal work-around. The best option is to address their privacy concerns by explaining these details and to request that they serve as an admin.

Remember, it is against Facebook’s terms of use to create a fake account.

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