Meet Our Newest Team Member

Morrow Heard, Online Marketing Analyst


Morrow joins the Social Media and Web Services team following her recent graduation from the University of Alabama.  Morrow earned her degree in Commerce and Business Administration, with majors in Marketing and Management and a minor in Computer Systems.  Originally from Williamsburg, VA, she fell in love with Nashville’s scenery, music and people while visiting family and made it her goal to live and work there after graduation.  Working at HCA allows Morrow the opportunity to be a part of an industry where she can integrate technology and social media to realize a measurable and positive impact on a daily basis.

Learn more interesting facts about Morrow below!

When I am not working, you can find me in the kitchen, cooking or baking with the Food Network on in the background.

My favorite social media site is Pinterest because of the endless inspiration at your fingertips.

My favorite movie is Miracle, but really, it could be the Sandlot or Hoosiers or even the Mighty Ducks or Cool Runnings.  My dad instilled a love of all things sports from an early age, including movies.

I am reading Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell.  One of my favorite professors ended the year with a syllabus for the rest of our lives that included a reading list I am excited to read my way through.

My favorite thing about working for HCA is the connection; there is definitely a feeling that everyone is connected and working together, but also there is a feeling of connection to the patient in that everyone can have a real impact.

We are excited about the new ideas Morrow will bring to the team and our programs. Please join us in welcoming Morrow!

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