Measuring Engagement in 2015

“It is time to the kill the page view [or like] as a measurement of success,” says Liz White, Head of Strategy and Business Development at Poshly during a recent SXSW session. Measuring the effectiveness of content should be focused less on the number of people who see content and more on how people engage with the content. Page and post views and likes can be false metrics because while it may be easy to get someone to click through or on content, it is much harder to engage or inspire them. Measuring engagement shows the actual level of impact your content has on your audience; there is no point in creating content that doesn’t move someone. So how should you measure your engagement?

Sharing – Buzzfeed’s philosophy is “content is about sharing experiences and feeling closer to friends.” If your content isn’t being shared, it isn’t inspiring or resonating with your audience and is therefore not worthwhile. People need to be motivated and inspired to share your content.  By paying attention to what content gets shared, you can begin to understand what resonates with your viewers.

Comments – Did your content inspire your audience enough to respond? Comments are a bridge to a solid relationship with someone. Look for trends in the posts that have generated the most comments: Is it the topic? Is it the catchy headline? Is it the picture or video?

Value Exchanges – Reviews are extremely valuable to a business. Good content can lead to good reviews. Good reviews can lead to buy-ins.

It is important to continue analyzing your data over a longer period of time to learn what works and to improve your engagement strategy. Your actual audience will be the people who are inspired and motivated to engage with your content.

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