Three Things To Do Before You Post

Time and time again we see social media posts go viral in a negative way because someone didn’t properly check it before sharing with the world. From minor misspellings to incorrect links to embarrassing photos, the mistakes we make on social media live on forever. Fortunately, this doesn’t need to be the case if you follow these three steps before you post online.

1. Read the whole article you’re sharing

If you’re sharing, retweeting or reposting an article from someone else, make sure you read the entire article. Headlines can be deceiving and you may not always be sharing an article that aligns with the goals of your practice.  The few extra minutes it takes to read the article could keep you from making a big mistake

2. Research your hashtags

Hashtags can easily be used for reasons other than their intended purpose. Before posting a hashtag, make sure you see what other information is being shared with that hashtag. The beauty of social media is that it allows anyone and everyone to connect, but this also means there’s a lot of room for confusion and misinterpretation when it comes to hashtags, especially when using an acronym.

3. Check your hyperlinks

There’s nothing more frustrating than a “Page Not Found” error. Make sure your audience isn’t exposed to broken or incorrect links by double checking them before you share, especially if you use a link shortener like

Taking the time to check your posts for these three things before you publish will protect your online (and offline) reputation.

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