The Best Shareable Content: What You Need to Know

The Social Media Examiner recently compiled results from a variety of studies to find out what types of online content are shared the most by users. The group used statistics from social media-focused companies such as ShareThis and BuzzStream, along with statistics from successful internet marketing entrepreneur, Neil Patel, to create the guide.

The top two forms of content shared by users are listicles and “why-posts.” Listicles are articles with content organized in a list format for easy readability. For example, the title of a listicle could be The 5 Best Ways to Promote Your Brand, which tells the reader exactly what to expect from the content and format of the article before they click. “Why-posts” are focused on explaining concepts or topics. A “why-post” may describe a topic such as, why your stomach hurts when you eat dairy.

Other types of content analyzed included “how-to” articles, “what-posts” and video. “How-to” articles usually teach lessons, such as how-to properly clean a wound. A “what-post” can come in quiz form, for example What Aerobic Exercise is Your Perfect Match. Video posts can be used to show a visual guide on how the heart works or maybe even a video of a physician speaking on a particular disease.

ShareThis also mentions time spent deciding on your posts are not wasted. Health news and health topics on Facebook ranked higher in shares than sports, entertainment or news in 2014.

Take a look at these stats from 2014 to spark ideas on how you can incorporate the most popular forms of content into your own practice’s social media.

Promote My Practice All Content Types Chart


Social Media Examiner


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