The New Healthcare Social Platform

Social media in healthcare is taking on a life of its own with new portals and platforms created specifically to tackle world health issues. These social media sites allow physicians, patients and healthcare advocates to spread the word about global disease crises, help patients communicate with each other and aid researchers in finding life-saving solutions.

In 2009, Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network was founded to connect young people looking to find better solutions to non-communicable diseases and health policy around the world. The site not only functions as the group’s website and donation center, but also allows users to create a profile, and join in group discussions about solutions to global issues.

Patients Like Me allows sick patients to share how they’re feeling when symptoms occur or when undergoing treatment, as well as send support to other patients using the site. Users also have the opportunity to track their health for both personal and clinical use. The health tracking feature sends information to researchers looking to advance medical treatment for future sufferers of diseases and conditions.

These social media platform creators not only effectively bring people together for a common cause, but also look to find solutions through worldwide social media collaboration.

What can you do with the knowledge of these social networks? Join the conversation! There are plenty of platforms, such as those mentioned above, allowing doctors, patients and advocates to tell their story, collaborate on global issues and make a difference in medical technology. Find the site that suits your interests and learn what you can do to change our world for the better.

Source: Huffington Post

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