14 Online Marketing Terms You Need to Know

Online marketing has its own language – much of which can be confusing and constantly changing. Check out this list of fourteen important online marketing terms to know:

  1. Address Bar – This describes the text box at the top of an Internet browser used to enter a website’s *URL. *see #14 for definition of URL
  2. 1Dashboard – The dashboard is the homepage on a website or social media page giving the admin access to different elements of the site’s functionality. For example, when you log in to your Google my Business dashboard, you can check your listing’s insights and reviews and edit your practice information.2
  3. Dynamic Content – You create dynamic content when you consistently refresh the content you post on your social media profiles to keep your audience engaged. Examples of dynamic content include pictures, videos and audio.
  4. Engagement – Engagement is the interaction between your business and consumers on social networks. For example, Facebook engagement includes likes, comments and shares, while engagement on Yelp happens when a user leaves a review.
  5. Insights – Insights help you better understand how to measure the number of clicks, followers and likes you are receiving on your profiles over a certain period of time. By evaluating insights, you can better strategize on how to increase your engagement.
  6. Keyword – Keywords are specific words used to describe your business, services and location. Using the appropriate keywords related to your business will help ensure you rank higher in search results.
  7. Platform/Outlet/Channel – A system that manages content. For instance, WordPress is a platform that manages a community of blogs.
  8. Reach – Reach is the potential audience that will see a post based on how many followers/likes you have. 3
  9. Search Box – Search boxes are found on websites and allow users to search for content on that site.4
  10. Social Media Monitoring – This term refers to the act of paying attention to what is being said online about your business and responding to it, when necessary.
  11. Tag – Indicates or labels what your content is about.5
  12. Traffic – This refers to the visitors who visit a website or social media page.
  13. Trending – A word, phrase or topic that is popular online at a given moment.6
  14. URL – The technical term for a web address. (e.g. www.promotemypractice.net)

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