Facebook Guide: Choosing the Perfect Profile Picture & Cover Photo

They say pictures are worth 1,000 words, so make sure your business’s Facebook profile picture and cover photo are saying the right things.

Next time you change these images, think before you post. These photos live on in the mind of the viewer longer than the few seconds they initially see them. They are the first glimpse into your business’s personality and they set the tone for the content viewers expect to see on your page.

Here are three easy ways to ensure your Facebook profile picture and cover photo positively represent your business.

  1. Keep branding consistent. Take advantage of branded materials used around the office or on brochures, websites or other promotional information. For instance, if a particular image is consistently used, try making it your Facebook cover photo as well. Your logo can serve as a great option for a profile picture.
  2. Avoid photos without context. A picture of your staff dressed up in holiday gear is a fun post idea, but it doesn’t completely reflect the professionalism your business offers on a regular basis. There is a story to be told along with these kinds of spirited photos, which makes it best suited as a post to your page with added content, rather than a profile picture or cover photo.
  3. Don’t distort images. Abide by Facebook images sizes. Cover photos should be 315 x 851 pixels, while profile pictures are only 160 x 160 pixels. Be sure to double check that your photos upload correctly and aren’t stretched or pixelated. Distorted images look unprofessional and won’t set a positive first impression of your page or business.

These simple rules will help ensure your Facebook profile picture and cover photo aren’t turning away new followers. Remember, these images are the first things new viewers will see on your page. Give them a nudge in the right direction by supplying an informative, good looking page that is worth a like.

Source: Social Media Today

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