5 Examples of Great Customer Service Online in 2014

By engaging with patients online, practices and hospitals have the opportunity to answer questions and resolve complaints quickly. Below are five examples of practices and hospitals who turned their social media accounts into vehicles for monitoring and maintaining patient satisfaction in 2014.

This hospital was able to reassure a patient having trouble accessing their website that complete functionality was restored. Honesty and a sincere apology go a long way when responding to reviews or complaints online.

Response Blog 1

This practice was able to pinpoint a patient who was unhappy with their level of customer service and offer her alternatives to her current care. Leaving a phone number in your review response increases your practice’s accessibility and shows the patient that you truly value their comments and want to improve your practice based on their feedback.

Response Blog 2

After receiving rave reviews from a patient, this medical group thanked the reviewer and passed on the kudos to the employee who helped him with his billing problems.

Response Blog 3

This practice offered a quick solution to a phone line that was down. After being made aware of the issue, they fixed the problem and reached out to the patient to let them know that the phone line was back up and working.

Response Blog 4

Sometimes, a proactive post is just as appreciated as a response. For example, when The Frist Clinic posted that they would be closed during an ice storm, patients were pleased to learn the news over the web, instead of finding out once they arrived at the office.

Response Blog 5

In 2015, resolve to use your social media accounts to monitor and improve your practice’s or hospital’s patient satisfaction. Resolving complaints and posting helpful information like office hours are small ways your practice can make a big difference in the eyes of patients.

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