After Course 200: What To Do Now?

Now that you have completed Course 200 and created a Facebook for your practice, don’t let the best practices you learned and all your hard work slip away. The tips below will help you continue to stay on track and manage your new Facebook page in an efficient and effective manner:

  1. Organize your time. To have an active Facebook, you need to post regularly. Assign roles to people on your team to help you manage your Facebook, if you will not be able to take the whole task on by yourself. Be proactive and allot time each week to schedule out posts, create and work on posting plans and do what is necessary to maintain your practice’s Facebook page. Set a reminder in Outlook to check your page or work on your posting plan to help you stay organized.
  2. Create monthly content posting plans. While it is important to post real-time content, such as specific news and updates, planning a monthly content schedule helps save you time. You also have the ability to be more thoughtful and strategic about what you are posting to your audience. By spending a few hours at the beginning of each month on your posting plan, you save yourself time during the rest of the month. When creating your content schedule, remember to follow the 80/20 rule: 80 percent original, 20 percent promotional content.
  3. Use your resources. Our team sends out a content newsletter on the last Monday of every month containing ready-to-use Facebook posts tailored to different specialties and health observances. Using these resources will help you save time when coming up with post ideas. You can also consult our Promote My Practice blog for any Facebook-related updates.
  4. Stay up-to-date.  Stay informed about the changes happening in your field and make sure you are posting relevant content for your specialty. Continuing to remain relevant to your patients will help keep them engaged and ensure your Facebook page is useful.
  5. Ask for help. Our Social Media Team is a continued resource for you. We are always happy to look over your content schedules, answer your questions and brainstorm ideas with you. Just ask!

Don’t forget to encourage your physicians and staff to help you promote your Facebook page. We can also help you promote your page by creating promotional materials for you to give out to patients or display in your office. Check out our promotional materials catalog and contact your Hannah Brown to place an order.

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