Vitals Has Changed How Patients Leave Reviews

You may have noticed that the “Write a Review” button has mysteriously disappeared from your physicians’ Vitals profiles.  In a recent update, Vitals removed this button, which was formerly located below the physician’s profile photo.  Now, to leave a review, patients must leave a star rating first:

Before the Vitals update:

Before Vitals Update

After the Vitals update:

After Vitals Update

Patients can add their star rating by clicking the number of stars they would like to leave the physician next to “Add your rating.” A pop-up window will appear and ask the patient to share more details about their rating.  In this pop-up window, patients can rate specific aspects of their visit and leave a written review.

Ratings on Vitals

Despite this recent change, users’ ability to leave anonymous reviews on Vitals remains the same, as does the site’s policy stating that “users [patients] are permitted to post only one submission [review] regarding the same Healthcare Provider, entity, procedure or subject during any thirty (30) day period.”

This new process may be confusing or difficult to some people, so when asking patients to leave online reviews, educate them on the steps they must take to do so. The advantage to this update is that the new rating process, which is similar to Healthgrades’, will allow practices and physicians more insight into what aspects of the patient experience they can improve, whether it is ease of scheduling an appointment or accuracy of diagnosis.

If you have any questions about this update, please direct your questions to

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