4 Ways to Engage Your Staff in Social Media

Acting as a one-man social media team is not as glamorous as it sounds. It can be difficult to balance your time between daily tasks and managing social media accounts. Overcome this challenge by leveraging your office staff to share the responsibility of your practice’s online presence.

From front desk staff to the billing office, everyone can help play a role in creating content, posting to the page and managing interactions. Facebook pages require the most maintenance (posting at least 3 times per week), but you can lessen the load with these four tactics.

  1. Seek inspiration from office happenings. If your office staff is dressed up to celebrate a holiday or gather together for an employee’s birthday, use it as a post idea. Encourage your staff to go on and share your practice’s posts on their own Facebook profiles.
  2. Create a staff FAQ. Highlight a staff member answering an office FAQ every other week. Ask the practice nurses and doctors to participate in this as well.
  3. Share Page Roles: Facebook allows different levels of privilege to those managing a Facebook business page. If you’d like someone in the office to help you with weekly posting, add them to the page as an Editor. This gives the individual rights to post, reply to comments and upload as necessary. However, this person will not have access to changing settings or adding other page roles.
  4. page rolesAssemble a social media committee. Have a couple tech savvy office employees? Delegate certain tasks to these individuals. Ask them to review your other online profiles (Google My Business, Yelp, Healthgrades, etc.) twice a month and report any new reviews to you.


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