15 Content Ideas You Should Try on Facebook

Creating quality content for your social media profiles each week can be a challenge – but with a little inspiration, you can take your profiles from ordinary to extraordinary.

This list of 15 content ideas for Facebook are designed to increase patient engagement and traffic to your site. Think about how you can customize each idea to fit your practice and individual social media channels. Pay attention to what works well, what doesn’t work well and what seems to be most engaging to your patients. By knowing this, you will be able to create more engaging, targeted content in the future.

Get started by trying out these 15 ideas:

  1. Take a picture of your work space. Whether this is a picture of the waiting room, front desk or front of the building, giving your audience a behind-the-scenes look allows them to get to know your business even more.1
  2. Answer a healthcare-related question. Stay up-to-date on commonly asked questions about procedures performed and the specialties at your practice. Be sure to keep your answers general.
  3. Introduce an employee. Celebrate a special employee at your office. Don’t forget to include a picture!2
  4. Promote an interesting fact or about your practice. Highlight any recent accomplishments, new technologies or added procedures that set your practice apart from others in the area.3
  5. Post a positive review. Ask for the permission of the reviewer before posting or make it anonymous. People like knowing others are talking positively about the places they visit.
  6. Share information about a community event. For example, the Susan G. Komen Walk/Run for a Cure is coming up. If there is one near your practice, post about it.4
  7. Post an informative graphic that is relevant to your practice. Infographics or medical diagrams are great for this!5
  8. Talk about your practice’s history.  Stories about how your providers joined the practice or how your practice was started are great ways to connect with patients.6
  9. Share relevant content from another Facebook page. Showing support for another page’s posts is a great way for your practice to build relationships, and it will also position your practice as a positive source for information.
  10. Post seasonal content. For example, since it is flu season, post a reminder about making an appointment for a flu shot.7
  11. Post about a recent event. Has anyone from your practice recently attended a conference or community event? Post pictures and a quick summary, so your patients can see what you’ve been up to outside the office.
  12. Share an attention-grabbing statistic. Statistics can be great tools for educating your patients about information related to your specialty.8
  13. Share your latest email newsletter or announcement and encourage people to sign up. Don’t just stick to flyers and emails when communicating your message – use your social media outlets to keep your patients in-the-know.9
  14. Correct a common misconception about the healthcare industry, about your specific specialties or give a helpful tip. This is an easy way to share your expertise and spark a conversation.10
  15. Give a shout-out. If a local business or organization has done something that deserves recognition, mention them on Facebook to show support of your community.

And finally, always remember to thank your audience for their continued support of your business and show them how much they mean to you.

Use these suggestions to jump-start your content brainstorming, but don’t just limit your content to these ideas. Be creative and adjust your posts based on what works best for your audience.

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