Study Finds Parents Look Online for Pediatricians


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 74 percent of American parents are familiar with online review sites and 26 percent have searched online to find a pediatrician for their child. In fact, parents’ familiarity with these healthcare rating sites falls just behind their familiarity with popular car rating sites (92 percent) and restaurant rating sites (87 percent).

These percentages have grown significantly since 2008, when only 12 percent of adults consulted online rating sites when choosing a physician and only 6 percent of individuals based their decision on these ratings (Kaiser Family Foundation).

This growth in popularity directly reflects the impact that younger generations will have on healthcare marketing.  With a tech-savvy generation on the rise, physician rating sites have limitless growth potential.

How can your practice stay ahead of the trend?

  • Don’t be afraid to make online profiles for your practice. Whether you’re claiming a Vitals profile for one of your physicians or creating a Google My Business page, you’re taking part in something that will benefit business in the long run.
  • Training now will prepare you for the review boom. Don’t just create profiles, monitor them. Respond to positive and negative reviews with poise and ask loyal patients to leave your practice or physicians a review.
  • Tell parents you’re online. Even if the parent isn’t the patient, ask them to leave a review about their experience in the clinic.

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