The Importance of Social Listening

As you join the online social conversation, it is important to stay up to date with news and current events related to your practice and providers, and with events relevant to the healthcare industry. When you are monitoring recent happenings about your practice and providers you are “socially listening.” By developing expertise about the healthcare industry and reacting to reviews and ratings, you will earn the trust and respect of your patients. Furthermore, keeping up with current events and the online conversations will alert you to think about making better changes.

The newly updated Google Alerts allows you to socially listen. During Promote My Practice Course 100, one of the first assigned tasks is to set up Google Alerts for practices and providers. Practice Managers will be alerted about news and what is being said online about their practices and providers, which helps them to stay up to date on events and easily monitor and/or respond to reviews. The new update to Google Alerts allows Practice Managers to set up more pointed alerts that can be region and source specific (see image below). This function gives them the ability to receive alerts from particular mediums like video, discussions, books, web, blogs, archives and news. Choosing a specific region helps eliminate irrelevant alerts from other countries.


Setting up Google Alerts is a necessary step for helping practices stay up to date when joining the online conversation.

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