Final 2014 Session of Course 200

The Social Media Team is excited to announce our final 2014 session of Promote My Practice Course 200 is right around the corner. It is scheduled to begin on Monday, September 15th, and all applications are due by Monday, September 8th. We have a total of 20 spots available, and practices will be enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis.  The duration of the course is 12 weeks and requires a time commitment of 5 hours per month.

What is Course 200?

Course 200 provides a comprehensive overview on how to build, manage and optimize a Facebook page for your practice. Practices will learn how to create quality content specifically for their Facebook pages, allowing them to make connections with patients and become part of the Facebook conversation.


Is My Practice a Good Fit?

While each advanced Promote My Practice course challenges practices to learn about new ways to optimize their online presence, not every practice is always a good fit for Course 200 or 300. If your practice meets one or more of the following qualifications, however, it might be the right time to enroll in our upcoming advanced course:

  • Low patient volume
  • Engaged office staff and physicians
  • New providers
  • Adequate time to devote to maintaining a Facebook page

If you have further questions about enrolling in an advanced course, check out our blog post, and contact our Social Media Team to apply today.

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