Foursquare Moves to Personalized Local Search

The developers at Foursquare are rolling out a brand new version of the site tailored specifically to each user. Before this change, Foursquare was simply a social city guide with universal results.

Foursquare’s stance is that everyone explores cities differently, so why should everyone get the same search results?

As a solution to this, Foursquare has created personalized local search capabilities. This means no two people will have the same experience with the app. Instead, search results will be based on users’ tastes, experts they follow, or places they’ve visited. The app will completely customize itself to fit users’ individual preferences.

Along with this advancement in search, Foursquare is moving away from check-ins to focus more on reviews.

The check-in capability hasn’t disappeared entirely—has been moved to a new app developed by Foursquare called Swarm. For previous Foursquare users, all past check-ins, friends and photos will automatically show up in Swarm. Users who do not wish to check in to places they visit can still use Foursquare to find new places, get information about places and leave reviews without downloading Swarm.


You can no longer use the Foursquare app to check-in to places you visit unless you also have Swarm downloaded to your mobile device.

The photo on the left is an example of a user on Foursquare who can read and leave tips, but cannot check-in. This means they do not have the Swarm app on their device. The photo on the right is an example of a user on Foursquare who also has Swarm, so they have the option to check-in as well as access all other Foursquare services.

With all of these changes comes a new logo as well! The new Foursquare logo has transformed from the familiar check-mark to a mix of a map pin and superhero emblem. The new logo represents how the improved Foursquare gives users superb power to explore cities.


So how will this affect your practice listing on Foursquare? As of right now, it doesn’t affect it at all. It’s still important for you to keep the information on your listing up to date and to monitor reviews at least once a month. We predict this move away from check-ins will attract a new audience, and the stronger focus on reviews is likely to increase the number of reviews patients are leaving on your listing.

What do you think about the new changes to Foursquare?

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