Image-ine the Possibilities on Facebook

Increase engagement on your practice’s Facebook page with infographics and photos.

Have you ever noticed that the web’s most popular stories include pictures and videos? Did you know your brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text?

Take advantage of this by adding pictures to your practice’s Facebook page. Adding a picture, whether it’s of a heart-healthy recipe or an exercise tip, is a proven method to increase page activity.

One way to include photos is with event posts. If a special event is happening in your town or affiliated hospital, snap a picture or screenshot of the event signage and share it with your Facebook audience to notify them and encourage participation. Additionally, you can keep your Facebook page updated with who’s new in the office by adding a picture of the new employee along with a quick bio.

To make your images really shine, add text to photos using PowerPoint and take a screenshot of the end result.


One of the most intriguing forms of image posts are infographics. Share detailed information with your audience by using a colorful diagram like the one below.


Enhance “tips from the doc” or “did you know?” posts by incorporating eye-catching visuals. Utilize sites like to create original graphics for your posts. Learn more about this feature on our 3 Tips for Creating Shareable Images post.

did you know

The key to using images successfully is including pictures and commentary that add value to your page and relate to your audience. Be sure to cite your sources when you use an image that isn’t original and get photo releases signed by staff and patients if you choose to use them in posts. You can find these release forms on Atlas.

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