Warning: Avoid Third Party Vendors’ Scare Tactics

Recently, your practice or physicians may have received an email like the one below from Review Concierge, alerting them that a new negative review was posted about them on an online directory.

Review Email

We would like to caution you not to heed the advice provided in emails like this, should you receive one. Review Concierge is an online review monitoring company that uses these scare tactics to convince you to pay for their product and whose “treatment options” outlined in the email above do not reflect HCA’s Best Practices for addressing online reviews.

If your practice does receive a negative review, under no circumstances should you refute or downplay the content of these public-facing reviews as the email above suggests. Simply apologize, explain how your practice will strive to find a solution to the problem and leave your practice’s contact information should the reviewer wish to discuss the complaint further with your office. In compliance with HIPAA, never use a patient’s name, ask for further information or divulge sensitive health information in your response. View every review as an opportunity to improve patient satisfaction. More often than not, a sincere apology can mend a broken relationship with a patient.

Review response

Engaging with patients online is important, but doing so appropriately is vital. Above are a few great responses to online reviews.

After graduation from PMP: Course 100, you should continue to monitor reputable online directories such as Vitals, Healthgrades, Yelp, Google My Business, Foursquare and Angie’s List for new reviews. These sites are the highest trafficked and most trusted sites for healthcare reviews. If you find that a review contains incorrect information or is highly sensationalized to the point of falsehood, remember that reputable review sites will allow you to report these reviews to them directly and without the assistance of a 3rd party vendor.

Lastly, if you are contacted by Review Concierge or another 3rd party vendor or need assistance in addressing online reviews, please contact Elizabeth Wuellner, Reputation Management Specialist.

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