Why Blog? The Importance of Sharing More with Your Patients

Before you could post a Facebook status or tweet what you’re thinking, blogging was the outlet of choice. People used blogs to let their friends know what happened to them that day, week or month. Blogs served as online diaries for peoples’ thoughts and feelings. The fad caught fire in the late 90’s and has proved itself worthy of relevancy.

Blogging is now not only used for releasing emotion, but it can be used as “learning centers” for businesses to educate their clientele. When looking to expand your search engine optimization (SEO), a blog can play a crucial role in helping people find your business. The more information you put on the web, the more your business or practice will pop up on search engines.

In Promote My Practice Course 300, practice managers learn how to create a blog and post effective content on WordPress, a free blogging site. It may require extra time each month to keep it updated, but it’s an invaluable way you can connect with patients and potential patients.

Content-wise, you can use your practice’s blog to educate your patients on what’s new in medical news, give advice on staying well or provide specialty-related information your patients can trust.

The best part about blogging is how easy it is to share the information. You can create Facebook posts, post Tweets etc. with the information you produce. It’s as simple as copying and pasting a link.

Need more reasons to blog? Check out the infographic below on the important role blogging plays for the business and the customer.

Blog Inforgraphic



Social Media Today


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