Reputation Management Interview with Westside Primary Care

As we round out the fifth week of our third round of Reputation Management, Westside Primary Care continues to go above and beyond to give loyal patients the opportunity to become loyal advocates for their practice by sharing their experiences online. Practice Manager Lisa Gordon-Brice has led her team to success, gaining 12 new positive reviews over the course of four weeks, exceeding the review goal of eight set forth by the program. In this interview, Lisa shares how her team has been able to reach and surpass crucial milestones throughout the program.

Reputation Management Blog

Q. Which part of the course have you enjoyed the most?

A. I really enjoy the calls and hearing everyone talking about their success. The program has also built camaraderie between staff, supervisors and doctors. It’s best to keep everyone involved and encourage them to do their best.

Q. What challenges have you faced since starting the program and how have you overcome them?

A. I see the challenges as minimal, however the biggest challenge has been time management. We see 60 patients per day and are working on opening a surgical practice. Sometimes, I have to have my supervisor listen in on the Reputation Management calls for me. Then, I go back later and catch up when the weekly email for the course is sent out.

Q. What have been the most effective techniques for earning such positive reviews?

A. It’s not just the staff asking for reviews of our practice, it’s the doctors asking too. Also, our front office staff asks patients for email addresses in order to send links to review sites.  You have to get everyone involved in your office. That’s the best way to get more reviews. Also, we specifically ask patients with Gmail addresses for Google reviews. The biggest challenge is getting them to remember to leave a review, but sending  them an email with a link to the site helps. You’ll still have some patients that won’t do it, but others will.

Lisa’s experiences show the importance of team involvement and thinking outside of the box when it comes to reaching and engaging your practices’ patients.  Creating loyal advocates and maintaining relationships and ongoing conversations with these patients is a crucial step in boosting patient satisfaction and practice volume. This will benefit your practice long after our 12-week course.

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