New Review Snippets Featured in Google Knowledge Panel

You may be thinking: “What is the Google knowledge panel?” But, chances are you are more familiar with it than you realize. For example, when you conduct a  Google search for Jordan Family Health, you will see the screen pictured below.

Google Knowledge panel reviews

The panel on the right side of the screen that features the practice’s name, address and other useful “knowledge” is referred to as the knowledge panel. In Promote My Practice, practices work to optimize this listing by adding photos and acquiring new reviews.  You can see on Jordan Family Health’s knowledge panel that they have 14 Google reviews and a 5.0 star rating (Note the star rating next to their Google+ Local and Website listing as well!).

So, what’s new? Now, Google is steadily incorporating a new feature into the knowledge panel: review snippets.  The addition of these review snippets (pictured below) means that people searching for information about your practice online don’t even have to go past the first page of Google to read about what other people are saying.  In fact, it’s right under the star rating:

Theresa Robinson Knowledge Panel

This new addition to Google reflects their understanding of the impact that these reviews have on potential customers.  Catch the eye of potential patients and ensure that your practice’s Google knowledge panel really stands out by optimizing all of the information on your Google+ Local page (including photos!) and by asking patients to leave you reviews online.


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